Wednesday, March 8, 2017


A week or two ago I made some pillow cases for children that are hospital cancer patients.  I have lots of children's fabric.  With three daughters that grew up in our neighborhood with lots of other playmates there came a time when they and all their friends began their own families.  I made lots of baby quilts.  Well that era has passed on and all the babies are grown up and few baby quilts are needed any longer.  
   I made a rather tangled mess of my children's fabric stash. However, I discovered some real treasurers.  As is my usual operational style, at least a couple were cut out with patterns or at least a photo of the idea and set aside when I moved on to other projects. 
This picture of American Jane fabric right above has a wonderful baby quilt idea, and it is started too.  I'll post that one next week.  This project below was all cut out and ready to go.  No pattern just a picture of an idea.  The idea seemed doable with what was ready to put together so I took the afternoon and decided to finish it up.
Well here it is, the fabric is Pure by Sweet Water.  It is ready to get quilted too.  I think I will quilt this one myself and who knows maybe someone will need a baby quilt in the near future.  
So it is still a work in progress so I am linking up with:


  1. love, love it!!

    I remember when we bought this line... :)

  2. Love those kind of quilts - let's just see what evolves! Terrific layout idea - thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  3. Your pillow cases will mean the world to those kiddos and their parents. My grandson was hospitalized five years ago in ICU. He's fine now, but my daughter says how they would have appreciated a quilt/something. Everything happened so fast and it was so stressful we just didn't think of taking one. So, these pillow cases are a huge blessing. Your work is important! Thank you for sharing! Visiting you from To Do Tuesday!

  4. How great to finish a UFO! Love that Sweetwater fabric too. Great work!

  5. How generous you are with your time and efforts. That is going to be a sweet baby quilt...pretty fabrics and colours. Happy Stitching!