Monday, November 25, 2019


I have been on a bit of a mission to finish up some of my really old UFO's.  This particular quilt is a product of April 2008.   However, there is an interesting story of what has become such a long involved quilt finish.  
The piecing on this quilt was accomplished very quickly.  It was quilted and bound and should have been done.  But the pattern has appliqués on it which I had left off until the entire quilt was done.  My idea was to not have it quilted over the appliqués, so I choose to do them last and by hand.  
Here is one of the hand appliquéd flowers on it.  There are a total of 8 of them.  I quickly got the appliqué pieces ready to go back in 2008, but that is when things began to slow down a lot.
I have off and on picked this quilt up and worked on a flower here and there and it wasn't until this year I decided it was time to finish it up.  After all 11 years is really silly.  
This is flower number 9.  Just two more to go.
And this is the leaves and stem for number 10.  Just about ready to add the flower petals and then the center.  
That means there is only one more to go.  Yes, it will definitely be done this year.  
And for my blog followers that are fans of my daughter's chickens, here is Orbie and his ladies soaking up some of the winter sun.  My daughter purchased this patio set to sit out in the sunny morning and have her coffee.  Orbie and his crew seem to think that it was purchased for them.  

Monday, November 18, 2019


Busy this past week working on a new quilt for a little boy.  It is always fun to find fabric in my stash to quickly make a quilt.
So I cut the panel prints apart and started putting them back together with some borders.
And in no time at all it is ready to quilt and add the red binding.
Do you remember these color blocks.  Well I made 9 different color ways with 9 blocks each in them and finished the quilt top off this week.  
And the top is finished at 60 by 60 inches.  It will go to the charity division of my quilt guild in December with its prepped binding.
Time to pull out my Thanksgiving wall hanging.  This one is my favorite wall hanging for this time of year.  I made it several years ago and we enjoy it so much during the fall holiday.  

Monday, November 11, 2019


I actually finished a piece and in relatively very quick time.  Considering some takes years this was an accomplishment.  
This was my first attempt at a completely done hand appliqué project.  My husband had knee joint placement and I knew I would be spending a good part of a couple days at the hospital so I decided to prepare this project to do while idling away hours and hours at the hospital.  
I also finished 36 of these 10.5 inch blocks to put together in a quilt for my guild's Warm Wrappings charity division.  I have had the Alison Glass fabric for a couple years now and have just not ever been crazy about them.  They are similar to Batiks.  I still had tons left over after I finished these blocks and have tucked them into a bag to give to my friend Michelle.  Now it is her turn to do something with them.  She makes quilts for Hospice so they will also go to a good cause.   

After starting my Flower Pot wall hanging and finding not only did I purchase a great deal of Kaffe Fassett fabrics I discovered I actually have some pretty wild fabrics in my stash as well.  So I got busy starting a new project with them.
This was just an experiment with these wild colored fabrics so I tried a couple blocks that end up 6.5 by 9.5 and I think they will be fun to fool around with.  
Oh, these are fun.  So I should have a good time mixing and matching these over the next few months and see how that goes.  
For my chicken fans out there when talking about wild colors here my daughter's chicken Patrick.
My daughter rescued him off the highway on the way home one day.  He wasn't very old and sense he was so pretty she named him Patricia thinking he was a hen.  Well Patricia turned out to be Patrick.  Here he is with some of his hens that he has adopted from the FFA project chicks that were part of my oldest grandson school project.  There are actually 9 hens for him to keep herd on.  That keeps him pretty busy.  

Monday, November 4, 2019


I have been busy this past week.  I purchased this pattern last week and have started working on it with my Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  
I gathered up all my fabric.  I discovered I actually had a good deal of fabrics in my stash as well to work with what I had purchased at PIQF.  
I organized them by color and pulled out the pattern and started the process.  
Ready to start.  This panel is 18 by 42.  I am starting with just this as a wall handing for my entry.  I may later make the full quilt, but not right now.  
So far here is where I am.  I am using a fusible method.  So these blooms and leaves are ready to go once I get them all finished and I already have some 1/4 inch bias vines ready to go.  Just need to select a background once the rest of the blooms and leaves are done.

I did manage to complete my Little Miss Sawtooth quilt top.  It will go to my guild's charity division.  
My daughter lives out in the country, with very few neighbors and most far apart.  However, she did get one Trick or Treater at her door on Halloween.  His name is Fred, and he got his treat too.  One slice of bread.