Monday, March 29, 2021


Finished and on the wall.  It will be hard to find something like this one that is as much fun to work on.  

My guild newsletter in January started a mystery quilt.  I figured that I would be able to use my stash for it and move a bit of odds and end leftover off the shelves.  The white fabrics are all leftovers from other projects so I am able to rid myself of some of those pesky scraps.

January's start was just the cutting directions and then February had you making these little 4 patches.  
March added the two florals.
And finished off with white fabrics.  I now have 32 of these 8.5 inch blocks.  Interesting to see where April's instruction go.  Must admit they are a nice spring theme.  Perfect for this time of year.  
The local Pregnancy Center is asking for small baby quilts.  Their preferred size is 36" square.  These guys go together really fast at that size.  This is the one finished off this past week.  I don't have to do anything other than a top and prepared binding.  Our charity group takes care of the process of backs, batting, quilting and finishing with the binding.  I have a couple more cut and ready to put together.  Pretty much I am using the same pattern.  Block sizes are 9 inch finished.  
Yes, Ginger the snooty Yorkshire Terrier finally decided she likes her new quilt.  This is her favorite nap time place in my sewing room.  She pulled out her flannel blanket that you can see just in the right hand bottom corner, and pulled her quilt into her bed.  A good 5 minutes of pawing it, pushing it with her nose and head and finally several wiggles and bunching it up into this perfect arrangement and nap time comfort was finally achieved.  

Monday, March 22, 2021


I have had a pretty productive week.  My quilt guild activities still consumed a bit of time.  I am the treasurer and March began the fiscal year, so budgets and trying to arrange a budget meeting with the board under our still somewhat restricted Covid rules took a bit of my time.  However, I did manage to get a good deal of afternoon sewing time in.

I am not a free motion quilter.  Despite a 5 day intensive class I still can't manage it.  Over the years I have learned to resort to all sorts of alternatives.  I have this bin full of paper templates.  It had been some time since I had used them.  But, once I started quilting my daughter's rooster runner I determined they were just the perfect tool to use.

I can easily sew on a line and rarely miss.  Just shorten up the stitches a bit and the paper tears off with ease.  

I have numerous templates in multiple sizes so things are progressing really well with quilting it. 

I also continued to work on my art project.  I ended up adding grass by using the double stitch and 12wt thread.  I have a boat load of 12wt threads so I found some really nice greens and even some browns to add.

I put some little pink petal flowers on.

Then added some more stems with a zig zag stitch and 12wt thread and some simple oval blossoms.

Not sure I am done.  Husband thinks I need something in the middle and on the left side.  He is a good critic so I am thinking about that for a day or so and see where that goes.  

This is a morning of egg collections from my daughter's hens.  Busy little ladies very hard at work.

My daughter is also hard at work preparing for her spring vegetable garden.  Some nice new top soil added to one of the beds.  But, since the ladies have been such dedicated workers she allowed one last spa day as a reward for their dedication.  


Monday, March 15, 2021


I finally got out to a quilt store and found some Batiks to continue on working with my newest art wall project.  

Now I can move on with stems, grasses, and a few flowers.

I got a start on it earlier this month, but my Batik stash was missing some colors to continue.

So the dark green has been added as stems.
And now I think the lighter green with some shorter grasses.  Then I added some flowers for some brighter colors.  Plus I will be adding a number of stems with 12wt thread and maybe even some flowers using the heavy thread and zig zag stitching.  

This is Ginger, our Yorkshire Terrier.  No chickens, ducks or peacocks at my house.  

And this is Ginger's old blanket.  Yes, it is shameful and we are pretty sure it will not make it through another washing.  A little 6 pound dog needs a snuggly blanket in the winter months.

So over the last two days I took the time to make Ginger a new blanket.  It needs to go through the wash just one time before she will use it.  It seems she doesn't think it is snuggly and soft enough yet.  I got a complete rejection last night.

Monday, March 8, 2021


 This has been another rather hectic week.  I finally managed to get my internet and home telephone situation corrected.  However, things still were rather crazy.  I am the treasurer for my local quilt guild.  We found in a rather rush that our web site had to be moved to another service.  I spent literally hours on the phone or email with Anita that manages our web services, and Cathy our membership person that had to coordinate our membership directory.  At the same time our member's dues are coming in fast and furious with deposits that need to be made.  

I did manage to finish up this simple 44 by 44 inch baby quilt top for our charity division.  I had a goal of 12 quilt tops with prepared bindings for the 2020 year.  Sadly I was short four.  I have over the last two weeks managed to get 2 more done.  So before I decided to set a 2021 goal I figured I had better finish 2020's goal pronto.  

I also purchased some rooster fabric to make placemats and a runner for my daughter.  Yes, the one with all the chickens, ducks, and peacocks.  It should have been for her birthday in January.  I guess I am aiming for Mother's Day now.  I need to get a move on with this project.  

At least these ladies are living the life of carefree luxury.  My daughter let these hens out to roam around in the nice sunny weather along with their rooster Orby.  He was sitting off to the side watching over them as they enjoy themselves.  They found one of her empty raised gardens, which is the perfect place to have a spa day.  Rolling around in the nice warm soil is just the perfect afternoon treat when you are a chicken.  Better enjoy it ladies, as once she starts spring planting in the garden boxes they are off limits.

Monday, March 1, 2021


 This past week has been very frustrating.  Computer technical issues with our internet and a new modem has caused hours of telephone calls with the provider and finally they have decided after multiple telephone calls with no success to come out and deal with the issue.  Needless to say it has cut into my sewing time drastically.  Sewing is my zen place, when things get tough or stressful I sew.  Needless to say nothing much got done and I am not a very happy camper right now.  

I finally managed to get a 5 rows together on my 9 patch 4 patch quilt.  One more row to go.  I still have tons of blue and neutral squares cut out.  I way over cut for sure.  I guess I will have to stash them away and start another quilt with them at another time.  

Some time ago I saw a picture in  Art Quilting Studio's Winter 2021 issue by Ela Zeman that caught my eye.  I started it several weeks ago with the background.  I did get the background quilted, and added some grasses one afternoon.  I need a much darker green for additional vines, but have not had time to get out to a quilt store or order on line so it is on hold.

At least one major accomplishment happen at my daughter's house.  The naughty peacocks' jail was finished this week.  No more raiding the neighbors walnut orchard, laying around their pool or sitting on top of the cars of visitors.  It is a huge structure and 17 feet high and roofed so no flying out.  My daughter's two Ginny hens have joined them and all seem to be very happy.  They have the large nesting box to keep them out of the wet weather and plenty of roosting poles to sit on.  My daughter is happy that husband is no longer threatening to BBQ them and I suspect the neighbors are relieved too.