Wednesday, December 26, 2018


While searching for some fabric to do a binding on my Crazy Christmas Trees I stumbled across another runner I started who knows when.  Since I am in the let's get some new Christmas runners finished up.  Yes, I know a bit late!!!  I figured I might as well pull it out and work on it.  Hey, by next Christmas I will have both runners done.  
As you can see it is pretty well along, some of the appliqués are sewn down, others need blanket stitching, and a number of berries and holly have fusing and are cut out ready to put down on it. 
So I started on the berries.  A great way to just do a couple a day and get this runner down.  
Best part of this is all the vines are hand appliquéd down already.  It is never too late.  
 Just to add a bit of humor to the holiday.  My second oldest daughter is a fifth grade teacher.  She is a tiny little thing 5"1' and maybe 105 pounds.  Every year she dresses up like the Elf on the Shelf and photos are taken and put up around the school to delight the children.  It has become a very popular activity at her school each year.  

Friday, December 21, 2018


A week ago I started making a table runner from the Crazy Christmas Trees pattern.  You can see Chapter One on my Featured Post.  Things ate going along nicely.  I did make one minor error when putting the trees together by failing to use different white prints on each side.  I set those pieces aside and re-cut trees to finish my first runner.  I will make the second one a bit later despite the minor error.
My first block cut and laid out.  They are wonky.
Once sewn together the wonkiness becomes even more evident.  Time to trim to size.  
My first block complete.  These are fun!
My first two blocks sewn together.  Hopefully next Friday I will have a finished runner.  Well, that might be hoping for a lot of time to sew.  Looks like this will be next years Christmas runner.  However, it is a really fun project to be working on at this time of year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


At least a couple years ago I made some fish placemats for myself.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had them on our everyday dining table when my grandson Noah (age 12) came over.  He is a big fish fan.  Over the last couple of years he has saved money and purchased a 55 gallon fish tank and a wonderful collection of tropical fish swimming around in it.  Needless to say he really liked those placemats and asked if I would make a set of them for his house.  Who can ignore that sort of request.
Well, fish number one all fused together.  I love this new appliqué mat I purchased in October at a quilt show.  Fusamat by Sharon Bradley.  You can lay it over your appliqué pattern and see through it to assist with placement of pieces.  
And a second one done and placed on the background.  I have finished all six appliqués, placed them on their backgrounds and I am ready to start quilting them.  Yes, every one of them is a different combination of fabric.  So fun!  I know he will love them.

Friday, December 14, 2018


I saw this Christmas runner pattern on line and it just grabbed me right up.  I had to have it.  So ordered the pattern, waited for it to come in the mail, read the direction, and discovered I needed a triangle ruler.  I am a tool hoarder; I have lots of triangle rulers.  But not the right one for this pattern of course. is the place to go.  It arrived in just two days.  So time to start.
OK, four blue 10 inch squares and four green.  Oh, short two greens fabrics.  
Cut 8 white 11inch squares and use the sides of the triangle for the sides of the green and blue triangle.  
  And another block being trimmed.
So stay tuned for continued chapters.  Still have to buy 2 more green fat quarters and finish the rest of the Blocks A and Blocks B for a total of 8 and start putting these wonky trees together.  The blocks are slight different in their cut sizes.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I have had a couple of really busy weeks this month.  Lots of success finishing up quilt top for my guild's charity program.  

They are all folded up and with bindings prepared to match and ready to sew on once the Warm Wrapping ladies get a back for them, batting and quilt them.  Yes I do have several more cut and ready to start sewing together, but taking a bit of a break for Christmas and helping my daughter paint several rooms in her new home.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I decided to cut out another pattern for a charity quilt.  I have been going through old books and patterns searching out interest patterns that work with three or four fabrics only.  

This pattern worked out well, however it is a bit fussy when it comes to putting it together and getting seams pressed in the right direction to butt seams together is sometimes interesting.  

I do really like how the blocks come out.  It will be a slower sew than another I am working on, but it is pretty.  Those center cuts are 1.5 inch from the center seams of the block.  

And I have been able to get the two different fabrics I am using started and the beginning of a row.  Nice to see a sample of what the plan is going to look like.
Three of the five rows are finally complete.  I'm really happy with this quilt top so far.