Friday, January 29, 2016


In early January I signed up with Project 48.  This past weekend I finally got an opportunity to do the first three blocks.  I have a basket full of Cotton and Steel fabrics.  Last year I started a Block of the Month, and only got about three or four blocks completed before I gave up.  However, I didn't give up getting the block fabrics each month.  This new Project 48 caught my interest.  If I stay on task I should have 48 blocks 9 1/2 inches each done by December.  This is sort of a finish as I have three of January's four blocks done, and only one to go that comes out on the 29th.  Take a look at their site, its free, and lots of fun.
This is a finish in my way of thinking so I am linking up with

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I decided to take the 2016 Craftsy Block of the month class with Lynette Jensen.  I had some Flutter left over from a line by The Quilted Fish.  I did end up buying at least 1/2 of the fabric requirements to do the 6 month project.  This is January's portion of the class.  
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Friday, January 15, 2016


I'm in a bit of a quilting slump.  A result of way too many projects in various stages of construction and such a mess in my studio it is hard to walk through there. I ended up taking the Christmas wall quilts down this past week, and putting long ago finished ones up.  Sometimes its good to take another glance at what was done a couple years ago to make one feel like maybe one does eventually get something done that you really are proud of them.  
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I took a class on Tuesday from Jan Soules on Bias Covered Piecing with Curves.  Such a fun day!  This is my pattern for one of the blocks.  We actually used an eighteen inch square of freezer paper and drew freehand circles on it.  Then we folded it into quarters and cut out 4 nine inch blocks.  

I used Cosmos by Dan Bennett for Rowan.Westminster Fibers.  I had purchased the entire line of fat quarters.  The fabric has lots of colors and combinations that fit well with the quilt Jan was teaching.  I zigzagged the pieces together to hold them down.

The pieces once cut out of my fabric were put on a ten inch square of Pellon True Grid #810 or #820 nonwoven stabilizer.

Then we placed bias strips down on top of the zigzag stitching to cover them and sewed straight stitching with variegated rayon thread to finish off the blocks.  Eventually I will join the blocks together to make a quilt, table runner, or table mat.  So anxious to work on more of these, but it is off to work for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Lots of scraps left over from a number of projects.  I think this might be the perfect idea for them.  
I found on my design board that a numbering system for rows helps to keep track.  All those silly triangles make life interesting when trying to figure out where I am going.  
I have almost seven rows done, which out of fifteen makes me nearly half way done with the middle background.
This is where I hope to end up. Something rather fun working with all those triangles.  

Friday, January 8, 2016


It is done at last!  It took forever to just hand sew the binding down.  It measures 80 by 80.  This is just half of it showing.  My arms are not that long to show the whole quilt.  Taking it out doors is not available, as we have had rain all week.  
The pattern was a Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley.  This pattern caused me a bit of an issue.  I made all the blocks and put a couple of rows together then set them aside for a good year or maybe even two.  I finally ran across them earlier this past year and decided to finish the quilt.  I could not find the pattern anywhere. Lesson learned, put pattern with project until finished. So I went on line and looked at a picture of the pattern front and went for it.  It really is pretty, and I am glad I finally finished it and maybe learned a lesson along the way too.  
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I recently purchased Simply Moderne Issue #3.  I love this new magazine.  There are so many wonderful articles, pictures, and patterns.  This is one that really spoke to me.  The two upper blocks on the right are completed blocks.  There are four sizes of circles that are appliqued on to the fabric squares then cut in half at a slight angle with a strip of fabric added to join them.  I have used primarily batik fabric with a few standard cottons as well.  This is a project in progress, but I can't wait to finish it off.  
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Friday, January 1, 2016


Just a little peek at some of the accomplishments of 2015.  Wishing all my blog readers a Very Happy New Year and Quilt On in 2016