Monday, October 25, 2021


This past week we had a house full of company.  Our oldest daughter and her husband arrived on Sunday.  It was her birthday so we had lots of family in and out all week until they left on Thursday.  Over the weekend we sort of just collapsed and stayed home and I actually got back into the sewing room to finish up a couple more projects.  

I finally got my skinny quilt finished.  The beginning of this project started at the end of August in this post Skinny Quilt.  I used a variety of woven stripes, Oatshotts and a suede finished cotton.  I had them for ages in my stash so decided to give them a try and they blended really well together.
I decided to quilt it on the diagonal with a 12wt orange variegated thread.  I was really surprised at how fast it was finished.  Just about 2 hours in the afternoon and it was done.  Now just to put a hanging sleeve on the back.  I expect to be able this coming spring to put it in the Mistlan Gallery show and maybe sell it.
And yes, after making a pumpkin runner for my daughter I figured I needed one too.  They are just too much fun to pass up.
While our daughter was here she showed me a picture of her cat, Pip enjoying their new garden window.  She put her bed up in it as kitty quickly decided the new addition was hers.  It appears that Pip has decided  that the bed is not enough and the upper level is her sun bathing area as well as the lower napping level.

Monday, October 18, 2021


 Last week after two years I finally had the opportunity to attend the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, California.  My guild provides a bus for the event and I joined 35 other ladies for the day.  Lots of wonderful quilts shown and great vendors as well.  I took lots of pictures for inspiration.  I had my list of things to look for and managed to find and purchase all of them.

I finished my daughter's birthday gift this past week.  That and a gift certificate for Chico's to go with it; now we are all ready for them to come for a few days this week to celebrate in person.

I finished the center portion of my Alex Anderson paper pieced project.  I am a bit behind now with four Kaleidoscope blocks and four New York Beauty blocks to work on.  

I may be behind on the paper pieced project, but I have finally finished my bird quilt.  It has sat for a good year ready for quilting.  I finally managed to get that done and got it bound this past week.




Monday, October 11, 2021


Last week I won a half yard of fabric at my local quilt store on their Bingo game.  You have to take your card in and show them it and then decided on your free half yard of fabric.  Well, that means you do a bit of shopping.  With all the Blogs online full of wonderful pumpkin projects I found I could not resist picking up some pretty fabrics for a project or two.  

Our oldest daughter plans on being here visiting for a few days later this month.  Her birthday is on the 21st, so I though it would be fun to make her a runner and celebrate in person.
I cut out the pieces of the pattern and got the runner together and got a start on quilting the pumpkins.  I used 12 weight thread and got started on them.  Managing the quilting lines became a bit of an issue.  I am not great at free hand so needed some help.  However, I didn't have any type of rulers or templates that worked at all. 
Yes, I improvised.  The kitchen is full of circular items, not the first time I have used various cups and bowls for cutting out various sized circles or cutting or drawing curved lines.
The runner is almost done, all quilted and just the binding to sew on and do the handwork.
I do have just a little bit of finish quilting.  I plan on just adding a little bit of curly vines in green thread to the stems of each pumpkin. 
On Saturday my charity group got together and sorted 255 quilts for the five different agencies they will be going to.  They will all be delivered this coming week.  Time to start over for next year.
All loaded up and on their way. 
Our weather has cooled down a good deal. But, it really is a dog's life despite the below 70 degree afternoon temperatures.  Zoey found the perfect place for a nice nap in the afternoon sun in our bedroom in front of the sliding glass doors. 




Monday, October 4, 2021


Back to a normal way of life at last.  Zoey our puppy's drama with her spay ordeal is over.  Staples came out last week and we are back taking our walks every morning.  The Bar Mitzvah, luncheon afterwards, and party in the evening is over.  Everything went beautifully and we can all breathe again.

I finished last weeks Alex Anderson sampler project assignment.  These Pineapple blocks were tedious.  Thank goodness there are only two.
Now I thought I would get a head start on the 4 basket blocks that are this week's assignment.  
The lower part of the baskets are crazy pieced.  The pattern called for just winging it, but I ended up having a bit of an issue with that so I sketched out my own paper pieced pattern to follow.  
This is working well.
I have three done and the 4th block above is nearly done as well.
The fun of the last few weeks.  My local quilt store has a Bingo contest going.  Tuesday through Saturday they draw two number and put them up on their sight.  The prize a half yard of fabric if you complete a row up or down or diagonally.  I am the person that never wins anything.  But, I have won twice in the last two weeks.  They allowed 5 winners and I was 2 of them.  Now they have a full yard of fabric free if you get a kite.  That is four in any corner and diagonally across from them.  I have a good chance of doing that as well.  If you get a complete black out you get your choice of a class free.  Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket or two, I seem to be on a winning streak.  Probably a winner for the quilt shop too.  You have to run into the shop personally and show them your card to get your prize.  I got my free half yards and also bought other fabric and patterns while in there.  Now that is the question, who really is the winner?