Monday, July 29, 2019


I decided to make a second Hot August Night mini quilt this past week.  My first is shown in my Featured Post.
I had to seek help from the local Office Depot store to increase my appliqué pattern to a size that would fit nicely on a 16 inch square mini quilt.  
I got these little guys all fused on and ready to appliqué them down.
Now to quilt the background.  I searched several ideas and finally just decided to go with this simple snowflake idea.  
A few different sizes to fit and I am ready to quilt it.  
I added the button in three different sizes and it is ready to go.
This whole idea came of realizing I needed a Christmas runner for our neighbors.  She brings over some really wonderful gifts every year for the last two and I have been left feeling a bit surprised so do not want to have a repeat this year.  I need two more of these blocks and then will quilt them with a spiral quilting on each.  
Last week I posted my oldest grandson relaxing in the pool with his dog and mentioned that their ducks often join in the fun too.  One of my blog watchers wanted to see the ducks.  Thus, here is Ben our youngest grandson in the pool with the lady duck.
And her handsome mate that often joins in as well.

Monday, July 22, 2019


I have an addiction to Dresden blocks.  When I saw Rachel's Drummer Boy pattern I had to have it.  
I do not intend to make a bed size quilt.  I am aiming for  42 by 42 inches, which will require 49 blocks.  
Now these blades are only 4 inches long, so I can get two out of 5 inch charm squares.  I stopped into our Tuesday Morning store and found a number of charm packs with the funky fabric I desired.  Not my normal fabric taste, but every once an a while one has to cut loose.  
So cutting blades begins.  I love the crazy fabrics.  
Enough for row one.  Five blades per block, 49 blocks, 245 blades. Let the fun begin.  Believe me this will take some time.  
Her we are, just have to get this set onto a 6.5 inch square.
And the first block is done.  I appliquéd the blades down with invisible thread literally 1/16 from the edge.  Almost invisible.  One done and 244 to go!
It is summer here, about 102 today.  My oldest grandson has taken to the pool for the afternoon.  What can be better than a loved pet floating away the day in the pool with you.  The only thing that may be missing is my daughter's two ducks floating around in there with them.   

Monday, July 15, 2019


I happened onto a tutorial on the Fat Quarter Shop last weekend and thought this is one of the projects that I really need to store project that are in process.
I selected this fabric for the back of the bag, sandwiched it with a lining and a medium weight Pellon stabilizer.  Then proceeded to quilt it with diagonal straight lines. 
 This lime green lining matched the little green dots on the main fabric.  
I sewed strips on three sides of my vinyl and the fourth side put a zipper between two strips.  I used 2.5 inch strips.  Do not pin, use  clips.
Here it is ready to bind.
I decided to bind it in the green fabric.  The bag measures 18 by 18 inches and the vinyl 13 by 13.  Plenty of room for the larger blocks.
For those who remember that my daughter lives out in the country and keeps a flock of chickens, Ginny hens, ducks, and peacocks this is her new chicken addition.  She is a rescue from a busy country highway one afternoon.  We are all wondering what color her eggs will be.  Unfortunately she has already discovered by daughter's flower beds, but doesn't she look lovely in that setting. 

Monday, July 8, 2019


I have hoarded a pretty good stack of Tilda fabric from several different lines.  
I noticed a cute pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop by Melissa Mortenson called Let's Stay Home.  It has these cute little houses, which caught my eye and seemed a nice idea to use those fabric.
The Star in the bottom row are easy and one of my favorite go to blocks.  However, the pattern called for making the star point with half square triangles.  I prefer to do them with flying geese.  I love using this Bloc Loc ruler.  Perfect every time.  
And in no time at all I have a star complete.
Now the house are paper pieced.  It had been a bit of time since I had done this, so fortunately the pattern really has excellent directions.  So, one large house, one tall, house, and one small house were quickly finished up.    
However, I decided that the large house needed windows, it seems a bit plain.  So I spent a bit of time adding them to the pattern.  I think it worked!!!!!
They are a bit small, but maybe next house I will try enlarging them a bit. 

Monday, July 1, 2019


My guild has a challenge that is done every August called Hot August Nights.  This year the challenge is to do a seasonal wall hanging 17 by 17 inches, which will be used for our Blocks on the Move project.  This project has two large wooden display racks that are taken to a different venue each month.  Venues are hospitals, libraries, senior citizen housing, and other such establishments.  
I decided to start early since I didn't have any thing in mind to do.  So, I spent a good deal of time going through quilting books and magazines in my stash.  Finally I came upon an idea I liked.  
I am particularly fond of fall, so decided to do something with pumpkins and leaves.  Rather than square off the lower section of my piece I thought rounding it was a nice idea.  
So I have all my leaves on it and I was ready to spray baste it onto my back ground and begin the quilting process.  I knew that I would quilt curved lines in the pumpkin to shape it and veins in the leaves, but I was not sure what to do in the blank areas.  My husband suggested quilting acorns.  So I search through a number of quilting idea books I have and happened on to just what I needed.  
 Here was what I found.  I traced it onto gold paper and sewed right through the paper on the traced lines.  Worked great!  However, this particular acorn worked good for some of the large space, but not the smaller.  You do have to admit a great computer printer/copier with the ability to shrink or enlarge is a wonderful tool.  I just copied the acorn at 80%.
And here it is all done.  Hopefully you can see the quilting on the leaves and pumpkin, plus those cute acorns.