Monday, August 26, 2019


Back some time ago I started my Bending Tree wall hanging (see my featured post).  I finally picked it up last week and finished it.  
I purchased a large stash of rayon thread a month or two ago.  They were on sale for buy 3 and get 3 free.  I like it for machine appliqué, the shine is really nice.  However, I have learned not to use it in the bobbin.  I stick to a 50wt cotton thread in a close shade.    I found that the tension and stitches were much better.
Lots of machine appliqué of the leaves.  Not sure if I prefer the variegated or solid thread colors.  
Now down to the quilting.  Just a simple outlining around the stems.
I decided on the background quilting to use a modified fan quilting that matches the print on the background fabric.  
And I have a finish this week at last.  

Monday, August 19, 2019


I mentions over the last several months that I have been on a mission to do some de-stashing of older fabrics and my scrap bins.  A few weeks ago I saw a post for a Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

I laid out three fabrics in several colors in order to make nine blocks in each color.  
I packaged them up once cut and finally completed nine different color packages.
So this is the block.  I must admit it took a bit of time to get the hang of getting these together.  On the first strip you can only sew the first rectangle half way across the center square.  Then complete that seam after all the rest on sewn to the square. 
 All the pink color way are done.
Green next.
Blue and so forth.  Lots of scraps used, no dent in the stash what so ever.  But aren't they fun.  
OK, after lots of messages and other requests for ducks.  Here is another photo of ducks in the swimming pool with my yougnest grandson.  Mrs. Duck really enjoys the pool, especially flooding along on a pool raft.  One get tired of swimming so she likes to take a rest.   

Monday, August 12, 2019


This week I have decided I need to add a couple new placemats to use for husband and my dinners.  In the past I purchased placemats, but they have become really pricey in the stores and the fabrics are not always very nice quality.
All I need is two.  So a bit less than a half a yard gives me two nice placemats that are 14 by 18 inches.  They are bound in just two strips WOF.  I quilted them with a serpentine stitch one inch apart.  
And done really quickly with a purple binding.  I even sew the binding down, stitch in the ditch, on the machine.  
And a second set of two, ready to machine sew that binding down too.  
And a new runner for my daughter.  Goes with her gang of pets.
Her ducks and.
The chickens.

Monday, August 5, 2019


I love Tilda fabric.  I have a pretty significant stash of it and I keep every little scrap.  I happened on a free pattern at Tilda World in their Blog section for just the perfect large bag.
So lots of cutting out of pieces.  Blocks consisted of one each of  3.5 by 5; 6 by 9; 7.5 by 3.5 and 6 by 3.5 times 12.  
All the block put together and quilted onto a simple muslin backing.
My quilting consisted of a serpentine stitch sewn 1.5 inches apart down the long side of the piece.  I used Frixon pens to keep lines straight.  
Two 26 inch straps made with 4 inch wide pieces.  I love how the handles came out.  You just lay a 3 inch piece of batting, I use Warm and Natural pin, press, and fold in half.
I used a straight stitch down each side and in the middle using 28 wt thread in a blue variegated thread, which was what I used to also quilt the bag.  There is a lining put into it so it has a pretty lining and a pretty Tilda front.   
I have to make another one of these.  A perfect gift for some special person.