Monday, September 27, 2021


This has been a busy week.  I have been working on finishing up as many charity quilt tops as possible.  The end of the charity quilt push is October.  I have a goal and sadly I am a bit short of my 12 for the year.  So, I am trying to do a bit of catch up.  

The blue night sky planet fabric was on the free table at my guild meeting earlier this month.  Just enough to make a 40 by 40 inch child's quilt with the addition of some scrap fabric in my stash that had little gold stars on the light blue background.  Now this is a fast quilt top, but once quilted by the group it will be really cute. 

This floral cross quilt top helped me clean out  that bin of scrap fabrics.  

I finished the first six blocks of my Alex Anderson on-line project this week.  Moving on to the two pineapple blocks this week.  

This project has kept husband and I very busy for two full days.  This is tray one of two we got into the oven this week.  My grandson Ben's Bar Mitzvah is the 2nd of October.  So our contribution to the luncheon afterwards is Baklava along with some addition cookie baking.  We turned out over 140 pieces in the two Baklava trays.  That along with a good 10 dozen or so macaroons should at least start putting a dent in the luncheon menu.

Zoey got a new treat this week.  Looks like a really big bone for such a little 7 pound dog.  We got her at just 8 weeks old and she is now almost 7 months.  She has plowed through two of these previously in the 5 months we have had her.  I will admit thank goodness she loves them so much.  Her teething has been limited to these bones and not my furniture.


Monday, September 20, 2021


When Covid began for us in early 2020 I found that Alex Anderson was doing some Facebook and UTube programing three times a week.  This included online projects as well that helped occupy the time when my guild and small quilt groups could no longer meet.  I have been watching her programs weekly since then.  I have made two different project with her over this past year and have recently decided to make her newest one as well.  

I had to purchase her book Paper Piecing with Alex Anderson 2nd Edition.  This is the project I am starting this week.  

Alex had available a kit of fabrics for the project, but I am determined to avoid buying fabric and use my stash.  I also have a whole slew of white and off white prints to add to the mix as needed.

So I am off to making the first center blocks.

My first two of  the six blocks blocks are done.   

Don't let this pathetic little baby fool you.  Zoey was spay on the 9th of this month.  She came home with a Cone on her head looking even sadder.  However, the Cone did not avoid her using her back foot to tear out her stitches 4 days later.  Back to the vet for emergency care overnight and home again with staples now on the incision.  Now a Cone is not going to cure the foot scratching so she is now wrapped in a cloth bandage with a velcro fastener.  Now I know this all looks pretty sad, but do not be fooled.  She has not stopped for even a minute.  She is happily running around the house, barking at the front screen at anyone passing by and chasing the birds in the back yard away from the fountain.  She has not missed a meal and is doing just fine.  Husband and I have just about recovered from the drama of it all.  Hopefully the staples come out on the 28th and this ordeal will be over. 


Monday, September 13, 2021


 My Warm Wrappings group is back to meeting again after 18 months of Covid lock downs.  This group is part of my quilt guild and we make charity quilts for 5 different local agencies.  I have a goal each year to make 12 quilt tops with a prepared binding.  I do these out of my own stash.  Other members of the group quilt them and every October we hand out the quilts to the agencies.  Last year we handed out 302.   

So I am back at it again.  This 36 inch square quilt will go the the Pregnancy Center.  They specify 36 inch quilts.
This quilt was a effort of cleaning out my scrap stash.  I am pleased to say that many of these blocks completely finished off a number of scraps fabrics.  I have cut out another in the same pattern using all floral prints.  Once done with this one and the second one cut out I am pleased to say that I actually eliminated a full wire basket.  More room for new stuff!!!!!!
An update on the Flower Garden.  Just one more block to go.  Next lattice between them and borders.  I have not decided what to do with borders.  Some appliqué on them for sure, but no exact plan as of yet.  I have modified the pattern a good deal.   
This is Zoey, not a very happy dog.  I think she heard me on the phone with the vet making an appointment to have her spayed.  It appears this is one of her favorite spots in a bowl under the sofa table to hide.  Seems the fit is perfect.  She was spayed on Thursday of last week and if one insult was not enough, she had to have three retained baby teeth fangs removed as they failed to come out when her adult fangs came in.  It appears that Yorkshire Terriers are famous for that particular issue.  She spent Friday hiding in various spots around the house.  She is still on pain medication for the 5 days after her surgery so a bit mellow especially in the mornings after getting it.  But, she is definately on the mend now and back to her normal wiggles and running around.    


Monday, September 6, 2021


 I am often looking for an easy home made gift to make for family and friends.  Something different that I can use as a little extra addition to birthday and Christmas gifts.  Not everyone sews so I like to make items that are useful for everyday.

I make these little boxes and use them instead of paper gift wrap or bags.  

Another cute little item is a note pad folio.  These go together in just a couple hours.

They take very little fabric.  I used Tilda fabric and I even had a matching button for the fabric.

The inside has a pocket that holds a 5 by 8 inch tablet.  Fits nicely in your purse.

The front has just three pieces and elastic cord makes an easy closure for the folio.  
They go together really fast.  I finished off three in one short afternoon sewing spree of about 2 hours.  Ready for some Christmas gifts.
A little more progress on blocks 7 and 9 of the Flower Garden, just waiting for one additional fabric to arrive for number 8 in the center there.
And my second mini project coming along nicely as well.