Sunday, April 30, 2023


Blogger continues to give me issues.  Comments do not go to my email.  I have fused with settings and still not much progress.  I  have always liked to email back and let commenters know I appreciate them.  Now, very few seem to go through.  Just to let those of you know that do make comments that I appreciate them very much and would love to know what is going on.  I sure cannot figure it out. 

I enjoyed quilting my Wonky Blocks quilt so much last week that I decided to put together a baby quilt for my charity group and quilt it as well.  Fun little quilt 36 by 36.  A perfect very quick and easy finish.

It is time to start a new appliqué project.  Appliqué really is what I prefer and love doing out of all the different quilting processes.  Fabric choices seems to be the one real chore for me though.

I have a small stash of Australian fabric, and picked up on sale some Batiks that I thought might really work well.  Not really sure right now how this is going to go together.  I still need some sort of background fabric.  So  I think shopping for some interesting background beige or tan fabrics is in order.  Not sure where this is going as of yet. 




Sunday, April 23, 2023


I don't normally quilt anything myself unless it is small, runners, small wall hangings and pretty much nothing bigger than 36 by 36.  I watched a YouTube this past week on quilting on your domestic machine and thought I might be crazy, but I would give it a try.

I moved my Bernina 750 out to the dining room table.  I knew I needed a good deal of space.  This quilt had 8" blocks and was 40" by 48".  I pinned pressed and smoothed out the first row and started quilting it proceeding row by row.  

Success!  No wrinkles and quilted with a serpentine stitch approximately every 2 inches.  Just finishing up the handwork on the binding. 

Lori Holt from the Fat Quarter shop had a YouTube tutorial on these 10 inch butterfly blocks so I figured that I would attempt to eliminate my Tilda stash.  At this point I can only get 20 blocks cut out of my Tilda leftovers.  I will have to turn the blocks and set 4  across and 5 down.  It will require lattice strips of probably 2 inches.  So should come out at 46 by 58.  Well, if I was able to do quilt the Wonky Blocks quilt successfully I figure I can manage this Butterfly quilt.

I finished my other Tilda quilt last week.  It will be turned into my Warm Wrappings charity group to be quilted, bound and distributed to 5 local agencies in our area in October.  I had a goal of making 12 quilt tops for them this year and this completes my commitment.

This coming week I am making some spring placemats for myself and very possibly doing some more quilting of those butterflies too.








Sunday, April 16, 2023


This week I have spent a good deal of time doing handwork on a number of finished quilts and runners.  My stash of baby quilts that I keep for my daughters to give away as shower gifts once again was greatly in need of a few new additions.  

This particular fabric has been in my stash for several years.  I just hated to cut it up.  When I ran across it again I thought it really makes a very pretty baby quilt.

I also finished my linen and Tilda runner.  I really love the textured  linen I used as the background for the appliqué.  I used invisible thread for the appliqué and did not think that any other quilting needed to be done. 

While going through runners to put out for this nice spring weather I ran across this runner.  Not sure why it has been stashed in the closet for so long.  Time to get it out again and show it off.  

The Gone Fishing quilts were given to my two grandsons over the Easter weekend.  They were very happy with them.  




Sunday, April 9, 2023


I spent the majority of this past week getting the bindings on my two Gone Fishing Quilts.  I still have my Picnic Under the Stars quilt that also needs its binding sewn on and the handwork done on it.  But I took a bit of a break and worked on Wonky log cabin blocks. 

I originally had three blocks done last week with the dark colored logs all the same print.  I discovered that if I did that I would not have enough jelly roll strips to get 30 blocks completed.  So did a bit of un-sewing and did them with two different dark fabrics.  So a bit over half done with these guys.  
Have all the remaining blocks cut and ready to go.  
Shannon Brinkley had this free appliqué pattern available this past week.  I still have a lot of Tilda fabrics left over from a previous project so thought I would make a pretty spring runner.
I had several linen fabrics stashed away and ran across this one with a textured grid.  I think I will do the appliqué with invisible thread and a small zigzag with a very light weight batting and not do any quilting except for the appliqué stitching as my quilting.  I think the textured grid on the fabric is perfect.  Just have another appliqué bloom to set down on the other end of the runner and finish this up with a pretty Tilda binding.    

Sunday, April 2, 2023


I think the rain has finally stopped in our area.  It might actually be the beginning of some spring weather.  I may have finally got my blog email issue cleared up too.  Technology is wonderful until it isn't.

My quilter published my finished Gone Fishing quilt on their Facebook site on Friday and I picked up the second one with the blue lattice on Saturday.  Now to bind this thing, it is 74" by 94".  I have been worried as both have to be done by the middle of this month.  They are gifts for two grandsons, one  for his birthday and the other just because I don't want him to wait until August for his. 

No small task to get the binding on this quilt.  I moved my Bernina 750 to the dining room table and set up chairs to manage excess hanging over.  I was greatly surprised that it worked really well.  I had the binding on it with no problems at all.  Now the hand work sewing the binding down and get the second one bound too.

I had a really large Jelly Roll of spring fabrics setting around for several years.  I recently purchased a set of Wonky Log Cabin rulers by Jean Ann Wright and decided to take a bit of time and try them out.  The 10 inch size uses 2.5" strips.

I only made them up to 8 inches with the 10 inch ruler as I did not have sufficient fabric to continue the third row of light and dark fabrics. But they are fun!  
I hope to be able to get enough made for a small quilt, but figure if that doesn't work I can make placemats or a table runner out of them instead.