Monday, June 24, 2019


I have to admit that I have dozens of unfinished project in my sewing studio closets, on shelves, and in bins.  But, this past couple weeks I finished three completely.  Have to show them off!
I finished this just in time for Fathers' Day.  It was given to my son-in-law Eli for his family room.  A perfect accessory for his art deco style furnishings.  
My Dresden Plate wall hanging, just in time to hang in the dining area for the summer.  I had this quilted by Rachel of  Stitched in Color just before she and her family moved to the Netherlands.
I love the spiral quilting on this piece.  
And my last finish a baby quilt to stash away for just in case gifts are needed.  It was a fast and easy quilt, but when I finished up the blocks found I had made 10 rather than the 9 I needed.  So what does one do?
Well, put in on the back of course.  I love the quilting on this piece.  I asked Betty Ann a fairly new quilter in my guild to experiment on it.  She did a really nice job not only on the quilting, but the perfectly centered block on the back.   

Monday, June 17, 2019


My guild offers several times a year classes taught by professional teachers.  This past week a class was offered on painting on fabric.  
I have been interested in this for some time, purchased various paints, and pencils.  The main problem has been not enough knowledge to really use them effectively.  I knew this was the break I needed to get some knowledge.
 The paints used were Jacquard Versatex.  They were thick and easy to work with.  Also water soluble so easy clean up.  
Vickie Johnson the teacher taught us a variety of different ways to use the paints.  This one was applied with a piece of cardboard that had pleated kitchen plastic wrap placed around the cardboard.  I thought the brown swatches might look good as tree trucks.  
These three were applied with sponges. I can see the green used as grass and one could cut a leaf out of the brown/gold.  
This was my favorite.  I had several stencils that I tried with the paints.  I really liked how they came out and this will really be one I can use in many different ways on projects.
This used some water color crayons rubbed over a plastic template. I do not have this type of crayon, but do have some Intense blocks so I think I could use this method some time.  It was interesting.
Defiantly a favorite of mine.  I used block stamps on the right and on the left we painted the backs of leaves right out of our gardens and applied them on to the fabric.  Another method I would really use.  
And the last method unveiled after it dried all night was fabric painting an entire fat quarter.  I figured when I did it that I had not done a good job.  However, when I finally un-bunched it, ironed it out to make it permanent I like it.  Now to figure out a place to use it on some project.  
Such a fun class and since I invested in two starter sets of the paints and one white paint too I best get busy and see if I can actually do something with these items and make some more of my favorites.

Monday, June 10, 2019


When I was climbing around in my quilting studio closet looking for some items I need for a class I am taking this week I stumbled across this Sun Bonnet Sue project.  I started it for my oldest granddaughter when she was a baby; she is now 26 years old.  Guess it might be time to consider finishing it.
 I had to take some time trying to match the blanket stitch, as I now have a completely different sewing machine than what I started with on it.
Several blocks were just started and would require some additional work.
This block was well on its way to being finished.
I am going to have to do some plowing through my buttons to complete some of the unfinished blocks or buy some. 
I think I have my work ahead to compete with these two.
Well here is the lay out.  I need another little guy in the center, and work on a search for some cute buttons and ideas to finish this off.  I am think, as I started this when I just started quilting that the buttons should have waited until after I quilted it.  I may have to take them off and sew them back on.  I was smart enough to have it along with several books all in a bag with plenty of 1930's fabrics to finish it.  Guess it will have to get finished for a great granddaughter some day.  At least for now that isn't happening, but I have more time to get it done for someday. 

Monday, June 3, 2019


Not sure what gets into me, but I saw a pattern on line and thought I can use up scraps.
Oh no I don't think so, this looks like too much work.  
Now this was more like it.  
I got two done and selected fabric for the rest to do 20 pineapples in all.  The block size is 12 by 18 inches.
Now row one is done and row two set to go.  They are addictive.
I left off Sunday afternoon with just about half the top done. Looks like summer fun to me.