Friday, September 23, 2016


A finish at last.  It is quilted and bound too.  These prints are all, yes more Cotton and Steel.  I also used two different cream tone on tones as well.  I think I have a home for this baby.  My long time hair stylist just bought her first home and this quilt will match her decorative style perfectly.  Nice to find a home for it.  
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Life has gotten so busy lately that some things have just gotten set by the way side.  This particular project only seems to get a slice or two of additions each week.  Every thing is cut out and ready to go.  I must admit I have had to flip the magic corners on the tops of the prints now and again when I decided the layout was not what I had set out originally to do.  Smart of me to only draw the diagonal line and just pin them on.  Turning them was an easy chore.  
 These fabrics have been such a fun combination.  None come from the same line or fabric designer.  I picked them just for the color.  In fact one on the top right corner has been in my stash for several years. The grey is a Kona solid, but I sure do not recall the particular color.  I am not sure why I selected it, but it just seemed to grab me the day I first started this project.  Well there is still two more rows to go and I don't have anything else to share today so I am linking up with.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


 I was all ready to add row four on my Project 48 quilt top when I discovered this!

This part of one of my blocks in the 4th row had this cut in it.  

I didn't think it was much of a big deal.  I un-sewed the piece and made another to replace it.  Well so I thought!
After two tries this is what I ended up with.  Short of making the entire block over again I was stumped.  So here is what I finally did instead.
Right side facing the finished top 4th block from top.  The top is finish and with 20 blocks finished I am also done with Project 48.  I am moving on to something else so I am linking up before any more mishaps with this project.

Friday, September 9, 2016


     I ended up about a month ago doing a complete organization and clean up of my quilting studio.  In the process I found that I had numerous half done projects.  My short attention span often gets me in trouble.  I start something, tuck it away after a while, and it can be years, yes years, before I rediscover it.  This was one of those projects.  I discovered it was completely appliqu├ęd.  I had done it in a very small invisible thread zigzag.  It was complete up through the thin green border.  I had been smart enough to save the fabrics I had used and put them into the bag with the top.  
     I added the white background final border.  It has been spray basted and I am now quilting in the leaves and lattice.  I will move on to the pink flowers and tan prints once I have accomplished the green.  The white border will get a meandering quilting.  
     I did not think I was smart enough to cut a binding for it, but after searching through a large jar of cut bindings I keep I realized I had actually thought ahead.  There was a little ziplock bag of the green fabric used in the lattice.  
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


     At the beginning of 2015, well at least I think it was then.  Time flies when your having fun.  I signed up for a BOM with Julie at the Intrepid Thread.  Every month she sent me a packet of fabrics to make my blocks.  It did pretty well for a month or two, but then my short attention span lead me astray.  I kept getting my packets though, since I had promised to be part of the BOM.  I ended up with a big basket full of wonderful Cotton and Steel prints.  
     Since then I have made several projects with them, but it seems that as soon as I turn out the lights and close the door they multiply.  Since I belong to a quilt guild that does charity quilts I decided to see if I couldn't get these left overs under control.  If I make a couple quilt tops and provide the binding they provide backs, batting, and quilt them.  They then are given out to various needy organizations throughout our community.  Last October they gave over 220 quilts out to five different organizations.  
     I cut 75 [3 inch by 12-1/2 inch] strips, pretty much 2 of each print.  Yes, I have that much of the fabric!
I pulled this Modern Handcrafted picture off the internet.  It seems like the perfect choice to use up these fabrics.
Then I purchased two yards of Kona Shadow, it is a light grey that works well with not only some of the prints with white in them, but others with off whites and grey and even tans.  I had enough still to cut some binding as well.  In fact I have enough [two giant size zip- lock bags] left overs to make some more.
  At least this an attempt to somehow get things under control so I am linking up with

Friday, September 2, 2016


I have lots of starts, but seem to fall short sometimes of the finished projects.  This baby quilt was made for a co-worker's grandson that is due in December.  The center of the blocks were all fussy cut.  On top of that the back ground around the stars were also fussy cut.  No one wants birds flying upside down.
Since this project is finished and delivered to its new  home I am linking up with.