Friday, September 9, 2016


     I ended up about a month ago doing a complete organization and clean up of my quilting studio.  In the process I found that I had numerous half done projects.  My short attention span often gets me in trouble.  I start something, tuck it away after a while, and it can be years, yes years, before I rediscover it.  This was one of those projects.  I discovered it was completely appliqu├ęd.  I had done it in a very small invisible thread zigzag.  It was complete up through the thin green border.  I had been smart enough to save the fabrics I had used and put them into the bag with the top.  
     I added the white background final border.  It has been spray basted and I am now quilting in the leaves and lattice.  I will move on to the pink flowers and tan prints once I have accomplished the green.  The white border will get a meandering quilting.  
     I did not think I was smart enough to cut a binding for it, but after searching through a large jar of cut bindings I keep I realized I had actually thought ahead.  There was a little ziplock bag of the green fabric used in the lattice.  
This truly will be a finish this time so I am linking up with


  1. Good for you for looking to see if you had the biggest ding. I always discover mine after I have sewn in another fabric. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap. Have fun quilting!

  2. That is a great find, and will make a beautiful finish! I have half-forgotten projects like that, too, but can't seem to make myself pull them out to work on them. Always starting something new!

  3. What's better than a PHD (project half done)? A PAD -- project almost done! What a great discovery. The quilt will be lovely.

  4. Yeah for finishing up a long lost friend! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday.

  5. Good luck with your list and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!