Sunday, July 31, 2022


This past week I finally finished my granddaughter Suren's vest.  We have a second one ready for button holes, and the tie belt on the back.  Suren is back doing freshman orientation at the hight school where she teachers Advanced Placement and College Prep English.  So our sewing days are limited until the Christmas break.  Not sure that works as we get together and bake for a couple days during that time.  But, hopefully we can get together a couple hours over some weekends.

And yes, I know she looks like one of the students.  But this is her 5th year teaching.

I have been working on quilting my Wisteria Lane wall hanging.  Free motion quilting is not something I do, but I had no choice with this piece.  So with the encouragement of one of my quilting friends I just plowed forward and got busy.  Perfect stitching, well no, but if one steps back even 12 inches they look pretty good.  I have 4 of these blooms done and 10 more to go.  They are the most tedious compared to the leaves and vines.  They are getting easier though.
On a much easier to do project, the final panel of my Flower Pot quilt is started.  About a quarter way done with it.  The appliqués are all prepared, so now just laying down more vines and fusing on more blossoms and leaves.
A dose of total cuteness.  We stopped at our daughter's house on Friday for an introduction to her newest pet additions.  The five little yellow guys are Peking ducks and that little odd ball is a Mallard.    She saw them at the Hay and Feed store and just could not resist taking them home to add to all her chicken, duck, and peacock pets.  She only planned to buy 4, but with just two left she figured why not take all six home.  One of her chicken hens has adopted them as hers, so everyone is happy. 



Sunday, July 24, 2022


I finished by Hot August Night guild challenge piece this week.  I am very pleased with myself.  Originally I thought to take it to my local long arm quilter, but decided to go for quilting it myself.  I was able to finish a very simple quilting of it in one afternoon.  The quilt piece was copied from my Alex Anderson neutral quilt project.  However, I doubled the size of the pattern directions.  The challenge was a neutral quilt with one pop of color, thus the bright yellow blossoms.   

 I have been working very hard to finish up the Alex Anderson neutral quilt over this past week.  I have the third border on at last.

I did modify the corners of the pattern.  I had a really tough time with the pattern layout of the vines and blossom placements and finally decided to stop the vines.  I am much happier with this adjustment of the layout over the pattern directions.  

This is the finished corners ending.  I plan to round off the corners on the quilt once I have it quilted.  I think that will make the corners softer and ease up the spacing as well.  

This is our little dog Zoey.  Early mornings the sun comes in from a small window over the fireplace and shines directly on the end of the sofa in our living room.  The perfect place to take her after breakfast sun bath and nap.    

Sunday, July 17, 2022


 It was nice to get away for a few days.  We spent 5 days at an RV park just relaxing and seeing a few local sites.  Of course one was The Quails Nest, a very nice local quilt shop.  Who could resist!

We arrived on Sunday, but first thing Monday decided to check The Quails Nest out.  I ended up picking out this layer cake.  

Just love the large prints.

Plus all the coordinating color prints.  There are 42 ten inch squares.  Now to find a fun pattern to use them in.  Any suggestions?

While shopping on Monday I saw a quilt hanging on the wall done with this pattern.  They were out of the pattern, but it was due to come in on Wednesday.  They called me and we went over again to pick it up. 

After spending some time looking at fabric for that pattern I finally decided to buy the fabric kit made up for it.  I have discovered that often buying the kits is more economical.  If one adds up all the fabric included you find that you could save about one dollar a yard and I have often still had left over fabric when done.  

So I am back home. We are back to the heat with temperatures yesterday at 101, and expect to be warmer today.  Nothing like being at home with the A/C running in my sewing room contemplating a couple new projects.


Sunday, July 10, 2022


This last week has been crazy.  We are taking a few days this week to  take off with our trailer and head for the hills to get away from the 100 degree heat.  I have been working madly on my 4 different projects and a guild Hot August Night Challenge has sucked me in so now I am trying to get that done as well.  Getting away for a few days might be just the ticket to get some down time from the sewing projects.  

I did manage to get my July BOM Garden Party Down Under blocks done.  So glad last month that I finished the 4 pieced blocks that were part of June, July, August, and September instructions.  So I only had the vase and blooms to accomplish this month. 
The Hot August Nights guild challenge was to make a neutral piece with just one Pop of Color in it.  I took the pattern from my Alex Anderson neutral quilt and double the size of the pieces.  I have the quilt top done at 36 by 36 inches. I have the first pop of color blossom on and have the second one prepared to fuse on.    Have to really get going on this as it has to be completely finished with quilting and binding by August 9th.  

Our oldest daughter's English Mastiff puppy.  Talked with her this week, Loki is now 100 pounds and obviously loves riding in the truck.

Sunday, July 3, 2022


I took a quick break from quilting the Wisteria Lane to work on my Flower Pot quilt this past week.  Plus I have July's BOM Garden Party Down Under block to work on to stay up to date.     

This past week I finished up the second center block.  Yes I have made some adjustment to the pattern design.  Those four corner blocks are supposed to be stars and the center piece should have had a star in it as well.  Plus the thread vines should have been bias vines.  Well, I got the center fused and appliquéd down and then realized I had forgot to tuck the vines under it first.  Mistake, NO, a design change.  

As you can see from the pattern below I made a few changes to this block as well.  

And the first long left side block all completed.  So this week I have been busy preparing the long right side block appliqués and bias vines.

I have decided that the long right side block will complete this quilt for me.  I do plan to do the 2 inch blocks border. around the four blocks.  It will complete at 62" wide by 44" long.  The pattern quilt is just too large for my wall in the dining room.  Additionally I will be out of background fabric, and also pretty low on Kaffe Fassett fabrics as well, and think that for me it is a perfect reason to finish it at that point.