Friday, July 28, 2017


I have been quilting for about 26 or 27 years.  Over the years I have accumulated various types and lines of fabric.  I have a large collection of 1800 reproductions and also 1930's.  I don't know if you find that what you loved many years ago has now become just hidden away and you are never going to do anything with it again.  I find myself with this issue after reorganizing my quilt studio.  So I pulled out my 1800's and decided it was time to do something with them.  
This bin was full almost over the top.  I scanned through some patterns and began cutting.  I started with cutting fabric for four quilts.  I am lucky that my guild does a great deal of quilt making for charitable purposes.  That is where all this fabric once turned into quilts tops is headed.  
One done and at least three more to go, plus what ever else I can cut out from what is left in that bin.  I have number two about 2/3's done.  I do not have to quilt them, our group has a number of long arm quilters that will do that.  I just have to provide the top and since I have lots of fabric I will also supply the binding.  It is a finish, at least one top and soon one empty bin.  However I do have the 1930's and another bin full of pastel prints.  Making room for new purchases of fabric that I really do love. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I spent the last few days of the week and weekend working on Gonzo and my Modern Quilt Group project.
I was able to finish my triangle Modern Quilt Group project.
Here it is all finished, quilted, and bound.  I love it and think it is a good example of Modern Quilt pieces using triangles.  
However, as I went back to working on Gonzo I discovered that we are again using triangles in a Modern Quilt project.  So I may end up with two projects after all.  
Here we are with 5 rows of the 9 complete.  Four more to go.  
A little more progress with only one more row to go.  I must admit that I needed to changing row three and row five.  The pattern had one using these triangle shapes that frankly I just could not get to really come out straight or fit in the other rows properly.  If I do not tell no one will know right?
It is not a finish, but I feel like I am making good progress and when I am done I will have two nice wall hangers for my hallway.
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Friday, July 21, 2017


I attended my first Modern Quilt small group meeting on Wednesday evening.  The group has been formed under my guild to meet the needs of a modern quilt group of quilters within our guild.  We have lots of traditional and art group quilters, but the guild is seeing a big interest in Modern Quilting, many of us belonging to the Modern Quilt Guild.
Our first assignment was to produce a modern quilt piece done with triangles.  Maximum size is 18 by 22 inches.  The piece is due in September, pieced, quilted and bound.  
I spent sometime playing around with my triangles and trying to obtain some sort of a pattern with them.  I think finally after a couple misses got it figured out.
I like the elongated star effect.  I used a light grey rather than white as I thought it worked better with my prints.  No idea how I will quilt it yet, but know it will be straight lines going one way or another, at least that is the plan now.   Its a finish thus far for the week.  
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I have a ridiculous amount of fabric.  I am in the habit of buying fat quarters and half yards of many different fabric lines.  I don't usually have a particular use at the moment for them, but I fall in love with them and they end up in the closet waiting for me to think up a project for them.
This is just half of two shelves in this closet and there are six shelves in that closet.  Lets not count the six foot closet with wire basket racks full.  
One of my daughters the other day asked if I had a spare runner sitting around that she could give as a gift.  Actually normally I would have one, but not this time.  We went through my runners and found one I had yet to ever use in my home and she had her gift.  This tells me I need to get busy and stock up on some runners that these daughters of mine are bound to ask for later, and probably sooner as gifts for their friends.  In fact that tells me that my third daughter in Colorado may want a couple new runners too.  I'll have to ask her that when on the phone with her next week.  So what better way than to do some fabric shopping in this stash.

So this week I plowed through my patterns and books and came up with this runner pattern and put together this runner.  Fast, easy, and done!  I still have another runner cut out and sewn together ready to spray baste to finish up over the next week.  I think I will make up a couple more too.  That should keep these girls supplied for a while.
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Friday, July 14, 2017


Earlier this week I posted fabric I had purchased a couple years ago in Alaska.  I had no idea what to do with it.  Many of you suggested placemats or table runners.  I really did consider placemats, but finally decided to do some small runners.
Actually my decision was based mostly on the fabric in the border. I only had enough to do a runner not 4 placemats.  It was sitting on my counter next to my sewing machine never put away after a previous project who knows when.  It just sort of jumped out at me and said use me.  
I am trying a different quilting idea with this one.  I have never used invisible thread to quilt with.  I've only use it for appliqu├ęs in the past.  It works really well for this project with so much color differences and not wanting an all over quilting pattern on the panels squares.  I am just quilting on the various lines and outlines.
Now I only seem to have one issue.  I usually pull threads to the back of the piece, tie a knot, and bury they threads in the batting.  That is a rather tedious chore, especially with invisible thread as the top thread.  It is hard to see the invisible thread when threading a needle to bury it along with the regular thread used on the bottom.  I guess I will try using a few really, really short stitches to start and finish and see if that isn't an easier way to handle that. 
Since I still had several more squares of the panel, why not just toss another short runner together.
 I managed to find another nice matching blue.  But I am still left with two more squares.  However, I have a perfect place for a little mini centerpiece.
I am going to separate these two and add small borders.  I have an area on our kitchen bar that we use for a candle, and letter opener, and candle lighter, plus we toss keys and other stuff on it.  I usually use a runner there, but usually have to fold it in half to fit the area well.  These two made up will be perfect for that.  Isn't it nice to figure out a perfect solution for fabric that has been sitting in ones stash for a couple years?  This is a finish, well not the runners and center pieces, but a finish for this fabric panel at last.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I just returned on Friday from a cruise to Alaska.  I did a bit of shopping in Skagway at their awesome quilt store.  However, a couple of years ago I actually did a shopping trip in the same store. I purchased several fabrics, then promptly put them into my fabric stash and forgot about them.  So yesterday I pulled them out.  What am I to do with these guys.  
Three color ways of otters.  Love the colors.
Wolves or sled dogs, not sure which?  They look sort of friendly so lets just say sled dogs.  
For sure sled dogs.  
Ducks or birds who knows.  The colors are pretty.  
Awe, whales we got some pictures of these guys.
And this fabric which is a panel, more whales.  We also got some pictures of these guys too.  
And last these little otters.  So what to do with all these fabrics.  Do you have any ideas, I'm fresh out of them?  A quilt, wall hanging, table runner, maybe placemats? 
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Friday, July 7, 2017


Home Sweet Home, traveling is fun but coming home is always a nice treat too.  We left for Alaska on a cruise the 27th of June.  
The transportation was nice.  Sailed right under the Golden Gate in San Fransisco.
Saw a bit of wild life in Juneau.
And didn't see any of these, at least not on this trip.  This guy is better seen like this.
In Skagway they have the neatest quilt shop.  Odd as the winter population of Skagway is 800, but summer travelers sure knew where to find this place.  They had the most extensive Batiks selection I have ever seen.  So of course, one has to do a little shopping.
So nice to be home and back to doing a bit of quilt studio time.  Its a finish for our trip and now a start on finishing my October challenge project.