Friday, July 14, 2017


Earlier this week I posted fabric I had purchased a couple years ago in Alaska.  I had no idea what to do with it.  Many of you suggested placemats or table runners.  I really did consider placemats, but finally decided to do some small runners.
Actually my decision was based mostly on the fabric in the border. I only had enough to do a runner not 4 placemats.  It was sitting on my counter next to my sewing machine never put away after a previous project who knows when.  It just sort of jumped out at me and said use me.  
I am trying a different quilting idea with this one.  I have never used invisible thread to quilt with.  I've only use it for appliqu├ęs in the past.  It works really well for this project with so much color differences and not wanting an all over quilting pattern on the panels squares.  I am just quilting on the various lines and outlines.
Now I only seem to have one issue.  I usually pull threads to the back of the piece, tie a knot, and bury they threads in the batting.  That is a rather tedious chore, especially with invisible thread as the top thread.  It is hard to see the invisible thread when threading a needle to bury it along with the regular thread used on the bottom.  I guess I will try using a few really, really short stitches to start and finish and see if that isn't an easier way to handle that. 
Since I still had several more squares of the panel, why not just toss another short runner together.
 I managed to find another nice matching blue.  But I am still left with two more squares.  However, I have a perfect place for a little mini centerpiece.
I am going to separate these two and add small borders.  I have an area on our kitchen bar that we use for a candle, and letter opener, and candle lighter, plus we toss keys and other stuff on it.  I usually use a runner there, but usually have to fold it in half to fit the area well.  These two made up will be perfect for that.  Isn't it nice to figure out a perfect solution for fabric that has been sitting in ones stash for a couple years?  This is a finish, well not the runners and center pieces, but a finish for this fabric panel at last.  


  1. Yes, a good use of these pieces. They are very attractive - enjoy looking at them!

  2. Those are some really beautiful fabrics. I saw some gorgeous fabrics at the quilt shop in Skagway when we took our cruise several years ago. Was that where you bought these? Have a great weekend! --Andrea

  3. It's great that you will finally see that gorgeous fabric on your table and enjoy it. And the little mats will also get used and enjoyed. Wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics and a great way to use and enjoy them.

  5. Lovely little tablerunners. I have lots of big runners but small ones are useful too. Great use of your panels.

  6. I use a self threading needle when burying threads and they work especially well with an invisible thread. I usually pull my threads to the top to bury them so I can see them better.