Monday, October 26, 2020


This has not been much of a productive week.  Husband and I got out in the garden and spent time getting the winter garden started.  We have mild winter months, rarely weather with temps in the 30's.  The soil needed some enrichment with compost and fertilizers.  So lettuce is a great crop for us, plus we got in some snap and snow peas and  even some Brussel sprouts.  All that activity cut into my sewing time.

I try to keep a couple completed baby quilts at all times stashed away for emergency gifts.  Every once and a while one of my daughters have a request for one.  I recently sent one off so needed to replace it for future gifting.  I had this cute fabric in the closet and it was quick to put together.  Now just to get it off to the quilter and then a binding on it.

I got the eyes on the Mastiff appliqué.  They were a challenge  stitching on those little eyes.  Now on to getting the second appliqué at the other end of the runner done.

I did get into some of my Fassett scraps over the last couple weeks.  I  had cut multiple 4 inch squares when I did my Fassett quilt and ended up with lots left over.  My guild will have, hopefully a quilt show in February or March of 2022 with a boutique.  Guild members get together and make all sorts of quilted items to sell.  So I figured to use up some of those scraps and make runners to sell.  I still have three more to finish off.  They were a nice relief from sewing Mastiff eyes. 

My 14 year old grandson Noah.  Yes, he is sitting in the engine compartment of a 1960 Cadillac that he and dad are rebuilding.  They have a large shop on their country property with several old cars in the process of being rebuilt.  This young man is particularly talented at auto rebuilding and carpentry.  He is the one that also constructs all my his mother's chicken and duck coops.  Keeps them busy and productive at home.      




Monday, October 19, 2020


 I set aside most of my other tasks this week to make a runner for my oldest daughter.  She has a Mastiff pup that is just about a year old.  A dainty little thing of just around 100 pounds.  A week or so ago she sent me a picture of an appliqué pattern, ordered it and asked for a runner made with the appliqué on it.  

The pattern came from The Whole Country Caboodle.  Once it arrived I found I had to increase the appliqué pieces to 165% to make adequate sizing for a runner that was to be 34" by 15".  After that it was pretty straight forward.  

Then to select some fabric.

And I am on my way.  I plan to have an appliqué at each end of the runner.  This first one just needs eyes now.  The red Frixion pen markings are where I plan to quilt creases and wrinkles once I get the runner on batting and a backing.  It is a bit of a challenge and I only work on it for an hour or so then have to take a break.  I am happy with how it is coming along though.  

I have sandwiched in a quick charity quilt as a bit of a breather.  I got an SOS for some baby quilts for our local Pregnancy Center.  There is always a need for 36 " by 36" baby quilts.

My daughter on a trip into town discovered someone had dropped off 3 Muscovy drakes and a white domestic duck.  They were among the wild geese that frequent our canals in the summer months.  These guys are not wild breeds and do not do well under these circumstances.  When she stopped to check if they were OK all four of them ran up to her.  Someone had just dropped them off to fend for themselves.  Well she already has 14 Muscovy ducks at home so what is another 4 more.  She and grandson Noah just picked them up and popped them into the back of her SUV.  

And a nice new home for the 4 new ducks in a nice safe place to enjoy life. 


Monday, October 12, 2020


 I have been watching Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show these past several weeks.  Her current class is a pieced basket quilt.  I actually took a class from her many years ago and have a wonderful basket quilt as a result of that class.  However, a pieced baskets just was not what I was in the mood for.  

I bought this pattern sometime in about 2009/2010.  I have pulled it out multiple times and put in back away in the closet.  I actually at one point bought a second one not realizing I already had one.  But, Alex did get me thinking about baskets so I pulled it out and decided finally this was a perfect time to try it out.  

Bias basket handles and a small blanket stitch.  Instead of using invisible thread I am trying out Superior Threads Microquilter white 100wt/2ply Polyester.  It is easier to sew with and looks great on the primarily white handles. 

And the first basket turned out really well.  I will admit using fabric that is only one way has made it interesting especially on the basket's 60 degree side pieces.  

And a good start.  I am thinking 36" by 36".  I guess it just depends on how I feel about it as I go along.  I am also playing around with the sizes of the baskets.  Once I made one or two I realized I can manipulate the sizes a good deal to fit where I wanted them to fit in the lay out. 

I finished my Cold Wind Blows wall hanging this past week.  Even quilted it myself which for me is no small feat.  I actually started out doing eco quilt on the center section and had a fair amount finished, but just could not get over the fact that it just was no coming out as I felt it should.  I ended up pulling out all the quilting and changed my plan completely.  Yes, I am much happier with it!

I stuck with just serpentine stitching.

And even that worked well within the center area.

Many of you are familiar with my youngest daughter with all her chickens, peacocks and ducks, but she also has 4 dogs and 4 cats.  I gather this congregation was a result of salmon on the human's dinner menu.  

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Monday, October 5, 2020


 I finished up my Tree Canopy project over the weekend.  And yes, there is mountains of quilting on it.  

The project is 14" by 18".  I spent a good several days stitching, knotting, and hiding the threads into the batting.  I am not a fan of using the tiny stitches beginning and ending to secure my quilting.

Adding a dark brown batik print finished the project and just needs a hanging sleeve.  

I live in the central valley of California and the entire state seems to be on fire.  We have had several weeks of dangerous air quality, ash falling and often an orange glow to the atmosphere.  On Friday night my husband snapped a picture of the moon.  Yes, it is pumpkin orange, getting ready for Halloween a bit early.