Sunday, March 26, 2023


I have spent several days fighting with my blog's replies to post comments.  They have not been coming through to my email in order to moderate them and post my comments back to those that make comments.Very frustrating as it has always worked for years before now and I have not made any changes.  Still working on that issue.  So if all else fails I have started a new project this week, and working on Flower Power too.  Have three ladies coming on Monday to work on binding.  I had them in two of my last classes and they are still having a bit of a problem with the concept, so volunteered to help them here at my home.  

I have had this container full of Tilda fabrics left over from various projects in the past.  They are pretty and spring colors so I thought to do something with them.  

That one container was not the entire stash of them either.  Yes it does seem like a bit of chaos going on. 

There is a bit of a method though.

The pattern is by Tilda and they offer a great selection of free patterns.

And a great lay out for construction.

And we have blocks 1 and 4 complete.  Plus a bit of progress on Flower Power from last week too.  


Sunday, March 19, 2023


This past week I finishing a lot of odds and ends projects.  So now I can start something new.  Once I somewhat clear the clutter, I found a project that I purchased some time ago and just set aside. It is a paper pieced project, and I really do like that process.

I got the first block done.  So nice when all the pieces come together perfectly.  The beauty of paper piecing.

As you can see I have a ways to go with this one.  I bought the fabric kit with the pattern.  It came with a lovely assortment of pretty batiks, but I just couldn't help myself and threw in a couple more pink fabrics from my stash.

I do have the second block's pieces cut out so ready to start with another block.  

I finished my Happy Trails charity quilt last week.  This pattern used up a good deal of accumulated scraps, but was a real chore.  I am glad to have finished it and get it turned in and be done with it.  

I have often said I am not a free motion quilter.  Well, my table runner from last week's blog had to be quilted so I figured I just had to get over it and do it.  I did cheat a little.  I used a template to draw the stipple on my quilt, but once I had that in front of me I got going. It is not perfect, some irregular stitches and a few turnings with a point rather than a curve, but all in all unless you really get down there and look for them things look pretty good.
Saturday was our guild's National Quilt Day meet up.  About 20 of us showed up and made a lot of pillowcases for the Madera California Children's Hospital.  This is an annual event and we contribute about 125 every year.  We have a great time and even do a salad potluck lunch. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023


 March means getting some spring table runners out and changing out some of the wall hangings to Springier items too.  Not so spring like in our neck of the woods.  Our area has been in a severe drought situations for a number of years.  Well, this year we are getting plenty of rain and very cool weather too.  While some might think that 17 inches since October isn't much to be thrilled about, it surely is better than the 3 inches we have gotten over the last few years.  

I started looking for some spring table runners and decided there wasn't much very interesting to set out on the table.  Time to make something and get it finished up quickly.  I had used this particular pattern before so got busy and hopefully will have it done this coming week.  And I do plan to try out my skills with FMQ.  I have been working on it and not perfect yet, but getting better.   
I originally made it in this smaller size in more fall colors.  This one was hand appliquéd.  No time for that so the new one is machine appliquéd with a blanket stitch.  
Our little pup Zoey was 2 years old on the 7th.  Her birthday gift was that huge bone.  She loves them, and yes a pretty large treat for a little 8 pound dog.  She will probably have it gone within a week and we do limit her to just an hour each evening.  There are some pretty good choppers in that little mouth. 

Sunday, March 5, 2023


 I am back to the sewing room again, thank goodness.  Technology is a wonderful thing until it isn't.  The new computer is working great.  The only wrinkle was my iPhone quit, and I had to take it in for a new battery.  Well, seems they no longer make batteries for that old 6 year old model.  Great news, Verizon not only got me a new one at 50% off but very successfully updated the new with all the old ones information.  Yes, a few new features, but Utube has tutorials and all is working well.  I can truly return to the sewing room this week with all technology issues solved.  Thank goodness my Bernina's have never been this much trouble.

I just got the nicest Villa Rosa prize this past week.  I recently used two Villa Rosa patterns to teach a couple beginning quilting classes at our local quilt store.  I posted them on From Bolt to Beauty and was contacted by Villa Rosa Designs that I had won this wonderful prize.  So fun, and I plan to get busy with this project very soon.  
A another fun new project to look forward to.  I love the fabric that I purchased from Southern Charm Quilts.  This pattern is perfect for them.

Melanie Traylor stocks the pretties fabrics for her patterns. 
I am also back to working on my Garden Party project.  

The best part of this project is picking out all the different colors to blend together for the appliqué pieces.  The worse part, trips to JoAnn's for matching appliqué thread.  However, they do have a sale this month on thread.  Buy 3 get 2 free.  I'm a repeat customer!