Friday, June 24, 2016


We have two little dogs.  In particular our little poodle is a messy eater.  She likes to pull her food out of her bowl and put it on the floor to eat.  A couple years ago I started putting place mats down on the floor for the both of them, which has worked really well.  However, when people drop by they think the place mats must have fallen on the floor off the counter or table, and we have to explain they are the dogs place mats.  Everyone thinks they should have more doggy themed place mats.  So yesterday for some reason after a couple of years of using our regular place mats for them I decided to make them their own special place mats.  

Sophie the white poodle and Ginger the little Yorkie did not show any particular enthusiasm this morning with their new place mats.   They tend to be difficult to impress I guess, however, they did show plenty of interest in their breakfast bowls sitting on the new place mats.   I guess that is all the appreciation I'm going to get. 
They do think we should share their new breakfast mats so we are linking up with

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I usually work three days a week, but this past few weeks due to an office move I have been working four days and on top of it several eleven hour days.  Weekends have not be nice quiet affairs either.  The extent of my sewing time has been walking by the studio door and looking wistfully into it and hoping to eventually do somethings fun.  I did some how manage to make these two little cute bags from a video tutorial  by The Fat Quarter Shop.  In my state of mind the first one I made on the left, I ended up putting the little squares upside down.  Bummer!!!!!  The second one came out well, but I still ended up with a little issue in the the pieces on each side of the zipper did not have a lining.  I guess haste makes waste.  One more try.  
Well here is number three.  Yes this uses those little 2-1/2 inch fabric packs that I managed to pick up several years ago at Quilt Market as give aways.  Love the zippers I got from Zipit on Easy.  All sorts of wonderful colors.
So it isn't much to show for the last couple weeks, but its all I have to show for a very hectic work schedule.  So I am linking up with

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Snowman Christmas

My CFO at work will be leaving me in the next month or so.  I know she loves Christmas and Snowmen.  This seemed the perfect quilt to give her as a thank you.  
I had the quilting done by neighbor Hollie Rawe; she is the greatest.  I just love the snowflakes and swirls.  This truly is a wonderful finish for the week, so I am linking up with Amanda of Crazy Mom QuiltsSarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Late last year I started a rather complicated fall runner.  Not only is it long, but has lots of cross hatch quilting.  It is now a little over half way quilted.  It is going to take some time to finish it up.   When I purchased fabric to make it I certainly got carried away and have a hug zip lock bag full of fall prints.  The last couple of weekends I became somewhat tired of the projects I really did need to work on, so I decided whip this little runner up just for the relief of completely finishing something for a change that was fast and easy.  It sort of renews ones creative spirits.  I still have tons of stuff to finish up, but I am going to link up with Brooke of Silly Mama Quilts and The Needle and Thread Network and show off at least one project that I actually finished.