Monday, May 27, 2019


My daughter and her husband have been slowly painting and redecorating their new home since October.  They finally moved her husband's office out of the family room and into his newly decorated office and purchased a sectional sofa and popped on the biggest TV on the wall I have ever seen.  All 85 inches of it.  Actually I am jealous, watching a cooking show on that thing is heaven.  Can you imagine what watching a quilting video would be?  Needless to say they need a quilt that will go with the new furnishings. 
Now their decorative scheme is somewhat Art Deco.  Back in the winter of 2015 I found this pattern in my Issue 3 of Quilts and Crafts Simply Moderne.  I actually found fabric, and made all the blocks way back then, and stashed them away along with the border fabric.  So when beginning to think about a quilt for her family room I realized, WOW I have one well on its way and it is perfect for that room.  
They even have the rows all set out with markings on them.  
So I laid it out on the guest bed and have started sewing it together.  
This is the border fabric and binding.  
And these are the half blocks that will be incorporated into the borders.  I should have this put together this week and off to the quilters.  The hope to get it done for his gift for Father's Day.


Monday, May 20, 2019


I am back to making runners for our next guild quilt show.  Now I know I have until January 2021, but time flies around here.  Last show I made about 36 runners and 12 sets of 4 each placements.  I worked on them for a good six months.  This coming show I know that we may be involved in a move to another home out in the country and thus my early start.
The beer runners were a great fabric find on the free table at a guild meeting that gave me three runners.  The turquoise print another free find that meeting as well.  The red 1930 prints, which I got four runners from are the last of my de-stash of my red 1930 prints.
A nice start with 11 runners complete.  
Over the last couple days since our spring weather has taken a turn back to rainy days I complete 3 yellow runners finishing off my 1930 yellow stash.  
So since I am on a roll I cut up the rest of my blue 1930 prints to make three more runners.
And, here are the green prints to finish off.  
We came home from our River Boat trip to our Bird of Paradise in full bloom.  The little humming birds love this area of our yard.  They not only get fed but think our fountain is their spa.  We often have as many as 3 or 4 of them buzzing around. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We have just returned from a Mississippi River Boat Cruise.  Time to get back to the quilt studio, but getting the wash, mail sorted, and grocery shopping takes a day or two.  
Wonderful food, entertainment, and tours.  
Here I am on the porch of Oak Alley sugarcane plantation.  Beautiful pre Civil War home.
No matter where we go I seem to be able to find a quilt or two.  This is an example of a pre Civil War quilt made by slaves on one of the plantations.
This quilt in remarkable condition was seen at a cotton plantation that has been operating sense the 1790's through today. 
This quilt pattern is Solomon's Puzzle.  Having recently done a quilt with drunkard's path blocks I am thinking I would like to do a small wall hanging with this pattern myself.  I really like the layout.  

Sunday, May 5, 2019


I have been working on my Birds of a Feather for YEARS!  I do mean years, as it was started in 2006.  I've put it away and pulled it out dozens of times.  Well this past week I finished the top.  
I modified the patten somewhat from the original pattern in a book called Birds of a Feather from Blackbird Designs by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  I knew I only wanted a smaller version to use as a wall hanging, not a bed quilt.  That required me to make fewer blocks, but also put in some designed blocks of my own to fill in gaps.  This was one of the last gap fills needed.  
 And this was the very last block.  It completed the top.  
And at last the finished top.  I know I will have to quilt it my self.  I believe it will require lots of eco and leaf vine quilting.  I am not looking forward to that, but I do think I can accomplish it and hopefully it doesn't take another 13 years.
As many of you have seen, my daughter lives out in the country and has a number of birds of a feather of her own.  The Ginny Fowl and ducks were reminding her at the back door it was breakfast time.  Well looks like the ducks got a bit anxious and decided to try the front door too.  
Service must have been slow that morning.  
Husband and I are off for 10 days this next week on a Mississippi River Boat Cruise.  Back to the sewing room after the 12th.