Monday, May 20, 2019


I am back to making runners for our next guild quilt show.  Now I know I have until January 2021, but time flies around here.  Last show I made about 36 runners and 12 sets of 4 each placements.  I worked on them for a good six months.  This coming show I know that we may be involved in a move to another home out in the country and thus my early start.
The beer runners were a great fabric find on the free table at a guild meeting that gave me three runners.  The turquoise print another free find that meeting as well.  The red 1930 prints, which I got four runners from are the last of my de-stash of my red 1930 prints.
A nice start with 11 runners complete.  
Over the last couple days since our spring weather has taken a turn back to rainy days I complete 3 yellow runners finishing off my 1930 yellow stash.  
So since I am on a roll I cut up the rest of my blue 1930 prints to make three more runners.
And, here are the green prints to finish off.  
We came home from our River Boat trip to our Bird of Paradise in full bloom.  The little humming birds love this area of our yard.  They not only get fed but think our fountain is their spa.  We often have as many as 3 or 4 of them buzzing around. 


  1. Hi DonnaleeQ! Oh that bird of paradise is just gorgeous. I put out my first hummingbird feeder this year and am thrilled that I have them visiting it already. I can just picture them enjoying the fountain! Great idea to start on the table runners early, as we all know how quickly time passes and the best laid plans get side-tracked so easily. Such fun fabrics from the free table - I really like that beer one! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Wow, that's a fantastic start on your runners! I LOVE the beer runner too. How great to actually have found that on the free table! Your bird of paradise is beautiful!

  3. What pretty green print, I mean they are all pretty, lol. I really should look into guilds in my area. Thank you so much for linking up with me.

  4. Pretty runners and a lovely garden spot. We love our hummingbirds here too and love to watch them "protect" their areas, buzzing & dive-bombing anyone in their way. It's always sweet to see several of them "sharing" the feeders too.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Bird of Paradise in full bloom. Gorgeous!! A bit of ORANGE for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. LOVE those table runners, too!

  6. always fun to see what you are working on!!