Monday, September 30, 2019


I have embarked on a hand appliqué project.  At a small group quilting meetup I admired some trees that one of the members was working on and thought what a fun project.  
So I grabbed some graph paper and made myself some patterns.
I thought a third tree pattern was a nice addition as well.  
And let the hand stitching begin.  
So I have a nice start.  I decided some houses were needed as well. I found a pattern sheet on line and had the pattern increased at my local office supply store by 200%.  So I am ready with this new house and two others I'll add to four different trees.  Who knows what else I might throw in there.  

Monday, September 23, 2019


A few weeks ago I made myself a vinyl zippy bag.  It was very large 18 by 18 or about that size.  I love it but also knew I wanted a couple smaller ones.  
I ordered this book by Svetlana Sotak and happened on to a really great bag pattern that I decided was the perfect plan for my smaller bags.  
Since my original large bag pattern was a bit cumbersome I liked this new pattern much better.  
Dealing with the vinyl was really easy.  I never had to sew directly on the vinyl.
Very quickly the bag was ready to finish the handwork on the binding.  
So much fun and so easy I had both bags done in an afternoon.  I made the second bag a bit larger and paid a bit more attention to the strips on the zipper.  My first blue print bag the stitches were not evenly placed due to my not paying attention to the sewing machine needle placement.  A bit of an OCD moment, which I corrected on the second bag.  
And an old UFO finished this week as well.  This wall hanging has been hanging around for ages.  I added more quilting on the appliqués and meandered the borders this past week and have since added the binding and sleeve to hang it.  

Monday, September 16, 2019


I have a neighbor that over the last couple of years has shown up with a gift.  EEEEKKKKK, I was not prepared.  That is not happening this year.  
I decided to use my Wild Honey runner pattern with some Christmas prints.  
And I spiral quilting the blocks with a dark green 128 Aurifil thread.
And a finish, which lead me to make a simpler one to give to a friend coming out from Kansas for a visit this coming week.
And for those of you that enjoy my daughter's chickens, ducks, and peacocks here is Orbie her rooster to say good morning. 
There is nothing as nice on a summer morning than sitting on the front porch with your coffee and a friend.  My daughter has the perfect companion to sit with her and enjoy the beginning of the day.  

Monday, September 9, 2019


While folding up and storing away fabric from a recent project, I found a box hidden under various stacks of fabric lines yet unused. I pulled out this box.
On top of it was this surprise.
Well doesn't this look interesting.  A rather odd thing to find in the quilt studio.
OK, time to pull out what is going on with this interesting discovery.  I have no idea where this is going or when I started this project.  I have been quilting for a good 27 years plus.  My memory has failed me completely with this project.
All wadded up in the box is this treasure, started who knows how long ago.  
At least I have the appliqué pattern started.  All the pieces are ready to continue.  The vine fabric is in there and the other two sides of the border are cut and ready to put on.  There is no pattern, no information on when it was started.  I plan to finish this treasure from my long ago traditional quilt life.  

Monday, September 2, 2019


I have had a bit of a love affair with Tilda fabric for some time.  Originally I purchased three lines a couple years ago.  And recently decided to join the Tilda Club with Julie at the Intrepid Thread.  My first monthly box arrived this past week.  
Such a fun bundle of a new line called Plum Garden.
Now this inspired me to cut out a new quilt with not only some of these new fabrics, but incorporate them into all the left overs I have from my previously purchased Tilda fabric.
So I have decided make Welcome the Spring Lake Quilt available as a free pattern on Tildas World's Blog.  I cut 128 4.5"squares from all my left over Cottage, Lemon Tree, and Sunkiss fabrics. 
The original pattern calls for a 48 by 64 quilt, but I am increasing it to 56 by 64, so had to cut 32 extra squares. 
Now I need four patches.  I am using a variety of dots and striped Tilda fabrics along with an off white Grunge by Moda.
So one block finished and I am liking it.  
A sample grouping of my blocks to get an idea of what I am going for.  
And now I am starting to work in one of my Tilda stripes.  I must admit I have had to purchase another couple dot colors that are more of a pastel with white dots from Julie.  I think their variety will add to the mix.  It is a scrappy quilt, but except for the white fabric I am sticking with all Tilda fabric lines.