Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I just returned on Friday from a cruise to Alaska.  I did a bit of shopping in Skagway at their awesome quilt store.  However, a couple of years ago I actually did a shopping trip in the same store. I purchased several fabrics, then promptly put them into my fabric stash and forgot about them.  So yesterday I pulled them out.  What am I to do with these guys.  
Three color ways of otters.  Love the colors.
Wolves or sled dogs, not sure which?  They look sort of friendly so lets just say sled dogs.  
For sure sled dogs.  
Ducks or birds who knows.  The colors are pretty.  
Awe, whales we got some pictures of these guys.
And this fabric which is a panel, more whales.  We also got some pictures of these guys too.  
And last these little otters.  So what to do with all these fabrics.  Do you have any ideas, I'm fresh out of them?  A quilt, wall hanging, table runner, maybe placemats? 
So I'll link up and see if I can get some help.


  1. Placemats might make a nice souvenir of your trip. Maybe the bigger panel pieces could be the backings for them. But whatever you make it will be a nice remembrance of your trip unless you keep it on your stash shelf and then it will haunt you forever and make you wish you'd never have wasted your money. I'm talking from experience.

  2. Hi DonnaleeQ,
    I have that same dog sled fabric . . . from a few years ago. Oops! Anyway, I have a table runner all finished except for one border. You really can't go wrong - lap quilt, placemats, wall hanging - as long as you enjoy it. And don't 'save' it or 'finish it later' like me and my table runner. Darn it - I am going to find that and finish it. Thanks for the inspiration! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love it when we get to find fabrics we'd forgotten about in our stash! Those fabrics are so cute, and I love the placemat idea!

  4. Puffins!

    I love the whales. Those otters are darned cute, too. What fun.

  5. What about making a memory quilt by cutting them into two or three different sized blocks, bordering each block with grey or blue/water fabric, and put them together in a random puzzle kind of way. They are gorgeous and wonderful fabrics and must not sit in a box or cupboard!!

  6. Such fun batiks and prints - can't wait to see what you create! Thanks for sharing these fabric acquisitions on Midweek Makers today.

  7. I like the placemat or memory quilt idea...maybe some simple blocks to highlight the fabrics??

    thanks for linking up as always!!