Friday, October 27, 2017


We have been involved in the project of pulling carpet out of our master bedroom and having laminate flooring installed, as well as new floors in two bathrooms.  It has really cut into my sewing time.  However, for the most part the project is complete and I can get back to doing some serious time in my sewing studio.  
We took this photo while on our trip to the East Coast in Amish country.  Too big to get in a suitcase or carry on a plane.  So hubby said he would make me one.  
We purchased some wood at a local lumber outlet cut the pieces 18 inches long and I brushed some white paint on it and some stain on top of that.  
We laid it out in the proper design.  We did try hot glue, which really did not hold well.
A staple gun applied to the back worked really well.  Hubby has a tool stash that easily out does my fabric stash.  Not to mention he is very handy around the house with all sorts of projects.  It still needs its bow and other decor but should be on the front door by the end of this weekend.  
Amongst all this home remodel painting, floors, and putting the house back to straights I did take a few moments to regain my sanity by pulling some batiks for a new project.  There is nothing like a new project to calm frazzled nerves.  
Row one helped put things back into prospective, made me feel like soon things might get back to normal.  
Adding a second row did really finally have me deciding that life will return to normal and in the next week or so several more rows will follow.  Nothing is finished around here, including the Amish Star or my new fall wall hanging, but Finish It Up Friday is here and so am I.  


  1. You are motivating me to get my fall colors out as well. I love that maple leaf block and need to really try it Also your stars are awesome. I hope I can convince my hubby to do the same!

  2. Gorgeous batiks. You can't beat them for wonderful fall colors. Enjoy!

  3. Hi DonnaleeQ,
    Just curious - what flooring are you putting in your bathrooms? The wood laminate? I want to switch out my floors and can't decide what to go with. Mini poll of sorts! I love that STAR!!! How cool is that?! And the fall leaves are just perfect, and oh so pretty. I feel calmer already, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The star is amazing, I can just see one made with yard sticks.

    I am not really into autumn yet, I am still pretending it is summer. Your leaves have me rethinking, they are gorgeous!


  5. No PINK to be seen for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I absolutely LOVE that your DH made you one of the stars that you saw on vacation!!!

  6. The star is coming along nicely and I love the fabrics you are using in your wall hanging.