Friday, October 20, 2017


On our trip to the Eastern Coast we stopped in Lancaster, PA.  I was hoping to see Amish quilts.  The country is lovely, wonderful Amish farms.  However we found so many of the established areas there were very commercialized.  We stopped into two posted Amish quilt stores while there.  
These quilts were for sale and lovely, and also beautifully constructed.  Not what one would believe to be Amish style.  However the one small wall hanging on the right was more of what one might think of as their style.  

The quilt on the bed was lovely.  These were obviously made to be extra income for Amish families.  Prices ranged from $850 to well into the high $2000's and even $3,000's.  Reminds all of us quilters that our workmanship is worth more than we realize.  
Now this little star item really caught my eye.  I wanted one to take home.  However, it would not fit into a suitcase, and I am fairly sure the airlines would not appreciate my getting on with it and storing it in the crowded overheads.  We took a picture of it.  My very handy husband says he will make me one any size I want.  He says he has some old scrap lumber pieces stored on the side of the house and the cloth bow and twigs are an easy stash item and JoAnn's has the twigs.  I just know it will look great on my front door.  


  1. Beautiful quilt show!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I guess the Amish know what consumers want. The prices certainly reflect the stitching hours. I hope we get to see your version of the rustic star.

  3. I saw a museum exhibit of Amish Quilts years ago, dark background to show off fantastic Quilting. I agree that they are catering more to today's styles.

  4. The star is fun. Glad you handy hubby will be able to make you one.

  5. Those pictures certainly are pleasing to look at! I know the prices all too well, and I don't deny that they are aptly priced, but some people just don't believe it costs that much to make a quilt! I like the star, too. Wonder if my hubs has any scrap wood around?? *smile*