Friday, September 8, 2017


I have had only a little bit of experience with paper piecing.  However I recent purchased a pattern from Carolyn Friedlander called Eads, and also downloaded another pattern called Star Blazer by Modern Quilts Unlimited.  I decided to try my hand with Eads first and see where I was with this newer to me method.  
This first block came out really well.  So I was on to block two.
Hmmm!  There was a problem I left out piece #5, just skipped right over from #4 to #6.  My first lesson I learned in this process.  Be sure to cross off the pieces as you sew them so you keep track of which one is next.
Well I have the first two blocks of nine for a wall hanging done.  I'm please with my progress, but now I know I would be able to tackle the Star Blazer.
I managed a great start and along the way I have learned several tips and tricks.  

When I get ready to add a new piece I cut my area at 1/2 inch from the sewing line.  This helps get rid of a lot of extra fabric and it also made it easier to show case in the area whatever pattern on the fabric I wanted to show.  I then once the seam is sewn I recut them to a quarter inch.    
Before I sew on the new piece I have been taping it down with Invisible Duck or Scotch Brand Acid Free tape.  I found it help not to have my piece double over on the seam line and then require me to rip out the stitches which are very very tight.   I do have to say that you waste a lot of fabric, but I cut my pieces at least an inch larger all the way around from the suggested cuts.  I know they will fit then. 
 The paper pieced area is done.  On to the next part of my piece. 
This is not a finish for me, I have found I really like paper piecing.


  1. wow, wow!!
    great tips!
    you make the best projects!

  2. Good job! Paper piecing always has me wringing my hands and wondering if I remember how to do it. I don't have a lot of experience either and it seems like there are several methods, so when I question someone, I get lots of different answers. I probably need to find a pattern, learn it and stick with that one! Might work?!

  3. Oh they're gorgeous - I love the geometry in the first blocks - that's going to make a stunning wall hanging!

  4. Crossing the numbers off as you go is such a good idea! Your paper piecing looks rally good. Love the floating triangles.

  5. Yay, another paper piecing convert!! Welcome to the cult! ;-) For me, the waste is totally worth it. You can make the most intricate blocks and know that they will come out perfectly when it's as easy as stitching on the line. So much better than swearing and seam ripping again and again and again... Too bad EVERY block can't be paper pieced!


  6. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!

  7. I'm not a paper piecing fan. But I do love the results.

  8. It looks like you're getting the hang of it!

  9. Lovely paper pieced blocks! This is my favorite technique and your tips are very clever. Thanks for sharing