Tuesday, September 5, 2017


My daughter asked me if I could make a table runner for a fund raiser she was involved in that helps pay for spay and neuter of feral cats.  I looked for a pattern to avoid purchasing cat fabric, and finally found a picture diagram of a pattern.  Unfortunately they gave you no measurements for the pieces.   So I winged it!  

That tail was a bit of an issue, but I finally got it figured out.
This guy was a bit easier, mostly because I had already made enough mistakes on the first one that I knew somewhat how to proceed.

Well it is ready to spray baste and start quilting.  That will be the easier part given the lack of a real pattern.


  1. It's turning out pretty great for just "winging it!"

  2. You 'winged it' wonderfully! It's delightful!

  3. Aaaaw...I love cats! I am very impressed with the nice assortment of positions your cats are taking.

  4. Super cute idea! Love how the runner turned out!

  5. I'm quite the rookie when it comes to quilting but I wanted to know: can I ask what the dimensions are for the cat blocks above?