Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I am a quilting tool junkie.  Rulers, sewing machine feet, and pressing sprays and tools are like a magnet for me.  I get drawn into them and have to have them.  Now the fact of the matter is that I find that for the most part they are wonderful additions to my craft.  
Now this sewing machine feet set is just the absolute best thing going for the price.  My VBF Brooke did an extensive  review on them on August 1.  You can take a look at them for your self on Madamsew.
My Janome has very few feet and this set has really broaden my ability to do other projects.  I was also able to get a Bernina adapter and use them on my 750QE machine.  Now those feet for that  Bernina machine are really pricey.  Most run $50 or more, and this entire set was about that same price as one of those feet.  Plus it came with a information booklet, a down load, and a disk to assist with how each foot works and demos of them.  
Now this is my second best purchase in the last month or so.  A wool pressing mat.  I have had issues with my irons.  I like steam, but eventually the iron leaks, spits, and eventually spits globs of yucky stuff on my projects.  I have tried cheap irons and very expensive ones.  Some friends have told me they just buy the cheapest iron they can get and when they start spitting they throw them out and buy another. I guess that works!  I decided to try an expensive iron. Yes it works nicely, but the cleaning instructions were extensive.  It appeared that cleaning it would require a good two hours or more monthly cleaning it.  You must be kidding!!!  I have decided to not use steam anymore.  I saw a couple articles on these pressing mats and decided it was worth a try.  Well it is wonderful.  It does a great pressing with no steam.  If I need a bit of moisture, I just have a spray water bottle and get just as good or even better results without risking black stuff spit out of my iron all over my piece. 


  1. Oh, I do love all the sewing accoutrements too! I think that's half the fun of this hobby. Hahaha! I stopped using water in my iron too, and for the very same reason. I switched to using a spray bottle and that works just fine for me. If it needs steam, it gets a misting down and a pressing!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of feet! Looking forward to seeing some fancy stitching! :-) No water in my iron either...I just use spray water or light starch.

  3. I don't use steam any more either. A spray bottle works fine!

  4. Have fun with all of those new feet! I don't use steam anymore either, and just buy inexpensive irons, using them till they die. Just recently got a Black + Decker, it gets nice and hot, not too heavy or big, and there's no auto shut off to deal with.