Tuesday, October 23, 2018


I started a quilt some time ago making a modern version of a double wedding ring quilt.  I got it about half sewn together and the rest of the pieces cut and then lost interest for a while.  My guild offered a free workshop this past weekend and I thought it a great opportunity to work on mine and maybe learn a bit more as well.  
This was our teacher's class sample.  Now I am not a great fan of Halloween or Halloween fabric but this is pretty interesting. 
And two more of her samples.  As you can see this is not grandma's idea for a double wedding quilt.
Sometimes the best thing about a class is seeing other student's ideas.  This was going to be a three ring table runner.  Her fall fabrics were wonderful.
This student was working with Asian fabrics.  

This one was going to be a child's quilt. 

I learned you can sew several fabrics together and cut them out rather than pieces the squares individually.  She cut the 6 strips 2 and 5/8 wide and then just laid her template on them and got this results.  

I thought getting this motif into the center of a ring was wonderful.

So I have mine well on its way to being done. 
Row number three on its way.
And the final plan approved by my official quilt inspector Ginger.
Learned lots including there now is a template that you do not have to cut the three pieces out to make the melons, and ironing all the seams open really does reduce the massive amount of seams and everything lays flatter.  


  1. this will be a beautiful quilt--Double Wedding rings are so gorgeous...hugs, Julierose

  2. oh my goodness!!!!
    you make the best stuff and so inspiring!!!
    I love this piece done from Carrie's fabrics...you should post it on facebook and tag her, I am sure she would love to see this!!!

  3. What a fun collection of quilts. This quilt looks challenging. Your fabric choices are great for modern quilt.

  4. Fascinating twists on the wedding ring quilt - definitely not grandma approved! But I like where yours is going, and can't wait to see it all together.

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  7. I love wedding ring quilts. Fabulous you went to a class and saw so many others' great ideas. Your quilt is looking wonderful.

  8. Such a great variety of wedding ring quilts - love your design with the little house, so cute

  9. It sure is easier, and gives the same "look" as a pieced arc. Great idea, and your quilt looks great. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, I appreciate it.


  10. WHOA!! I really love what you're doing with yours! You have an extremely intriguing ombre effect going in your center fabrics and super fun theme fabrics on the sides. It's fun seeing all the others' sets, as well.

  11. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.