Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Lately other stuff seems to be getting in the way of quilting around here.  
The deck outside our bedroom has started to look a very worn, so staining it seemed like a needed chore.  It is HOT here, so early this morning we were out getting it started.  
Almost done.  I do the trim work and husband rolls it.  I think it is too bright, but he says as it dries it will fade.  The color is supposed to be redwood.  Looks like red/orange to me.
The class I took a couple weeks ago is ready to quilt.  I have decided to quilt it in leaves.  I love these leaf templates and have used them so often in projects for appliqués and quilting.
So far I have it about 2/3's done.  Just the last large leaf block to get quilted.  
And it is done.  Very happy with this finish.  Still not too sure about the deck color.


  1. The leaves are pretty. Deck color is intense, but I bet it will scuff and dull a bit in a short time.

  2. love your leaves and agree with you about the deck color...hopefully it will fade soon!

  3. Love your leaves! And the deck color looks great - I'm with hubby, it will fade and dull over time.