Friday, August 24, 2018


This has been a really busy week.  I have had only a bit of time to knock out another row on my scrappy braid quilts.  
I have laid out fabrics to get each block started.
I will cut them to their 7 by 14 inch size once each row is pieced together.  I have a template I made for cutting them to line up the center seams.  It takes 9 blocks for each row.
And two rows are done and sewn together.  I think I will need 3 or 4 more rows.  
I think I have lots of scraps to finish it off.  I have them all cut in 3 inch by 9 inch strips ready to go.
The real reason this week has been so busy is this project.  My youngest daughter, husband and boys have purchased a new home on about 2 acea, and their existing home is going on the market on Tuesday.  There is a bit of painting to ready it.  We tackled the hall, not an easy task as the ceiling of it goes up to the top of the second floor about 15 feet.  A ten foot ladder angled from stairs to wall is not a fun position to be in holding a paint roller on a long pole.  The stairs are really steep too.  One really nice plus about the new home is it does not have two floors, all one level!  We have a bathroom to paint and a couple of the boys bedrooms.  We have been busy.  
This one job is almost done.  We got the upstairs bathroom painted and I am almost done with one of the bedrooms.  The second bedroom should start today.  This all has to be done by Tuesday morning when it goes on the market.  We are busy girls. 


  1. what????!!!
    you are just the best!!
    love your braid blocks too!!

  2. Oh my, sickens me thinking about painting that ceiling. It would be time to call the painters and I would have paid whatever they were asking. An 8" step stool is too high for me. We live in an earth home that makes painting a breeze. Even I at 5'2" can clean my windows all the way to the top without a stool, inside and out. You are a dear to help out.

  3. Very pretty fabrics. Good luck with the painting.

  4. My, that's not an easy spot to paint... You are brave! Beautiful blocks by the way

  5. So glad to see your braids. I have been thinking of making a braid tablerunner. Good luck.

  6. Love the fabrics you have chosen for this quilt.

  7. Your braid blocks look great and I wish your family good luck in the new home and a quick sell of the old!

  8. I'm terrified just looking at those steps and thinking of a ladder being on them! Congrats to them on the new house! I love the braid blocks. You always choose such great fabric combinations!