Wednesday, June 13, 2018


When I started making geese to go with my Dresden blocks I decided to make a quilt with just geese.  I did go to a larger size of 4 by 8 inches.  But I figured as long as I had all those florals and read solid fabrics out all over the floor, why not.  
I use a Bloc-Loc ruler for my geese.  They are a bit pricey and you have to have a ruler for every different size, but the geese come out perfectly.  
Not always easy to get a good photo of larger quilts.  This one is 56 wide by 64 inches long.  
I made 28 geese.  Now it is off to the quilter.  
Ginger our Yorkie [aka the princess and the pea] could care less about quilts or geese for that matter.  She generally likes to sit in my sewing studio when I sew, but photo sessions are not her favorite pastime.  Thus the discussed look when I snapped a photo of her disturbing her get away nap.  


  1. wow, the quilt turned out awesome!!

  2. Beautiful and your geese do look perfect. I'm going to look into the Bloc-loc ruler. I haven't ever made flying geese.

  3. Just love those floral geese--so pretty great work hugs, Julierose

  4. One of the first quilts I ever attempted, like maybe Quilt #3, was all wild geese around squares and I struggled SO badly with it. Would love to see in photos how your Bloc Lock ruler works. I bought several sizes of HST Bloc Lock rulers but haven’t had opportunity to try them out yet. I do love this HST quilt that you’ve made. You would only need one size ruler to make this quilt, right?