Friday, June 15, 2018


On Wednesday my quilt guild offered a workshop with Sandra Mollon making one of her patterns.  Our guild offers a number of workshops throughout the year for $40.  This class was from 9 to 3:30 with an hour lunch break.  Now that is a bargain!  I have done a lot of appliqué, but it is all raw edge.  I simple have never mastered turning the edges of my appliqué pieces under.  
She had us double our freezer paper.  It makes a template much heavier and you can use them multiple times.  
This wasn't too hard.  Starch and a paint brush, plus a hot iron and this piece is ready to go.
OK these were easy, no inside curves.  
This leaf turned out well too.  I used mostly Batiks for this project, but this is one of her hand dyed fabrics, which she sold and the thread count on them was really tight so they almost feel like Batiks.  
This inside curve would have really got me, but with some extra help I managed that as well.  On top of it she showed us a number of techniques using inks, pencils, and fabric pens.  I have a whole set of inks and never used them before.  With a bit of her instructions I will be pulling them out of my closet and making use of them now. 
Once I got home I decided to tackle my water lily piece.  Easy curves, and no need to ink or pencil, as I purchased a Batik that had the colors I needed in it pre-done for me. 
This little guy is wonderful.  I have had it for years and this is the first time I have ever used it.  
One water lily done.  I used a hem stitch to sew my petals and leaf down using invisible thread.  The stitches are almost not seen.  All this to say it is never to late to try that I can't do this project.  And, maybe take a chance and go to a class that teaches it for a bit of extra help.  


  1. That water lily is impressively done well!! You've given some great advice.

  2. Such pretty delicate colours in your water lily.

  3. Beautiful lily in lovely colours. Well done for having a go. Sometimes we scare ourselves off lol, and it's not as bad as we think. Enjoy the rest of your stitching.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the colors and your applique is great. Have fun completing it now.

  5. Such a beautiful bloom with the delicat pink shades and excellent appliqué work.

  6. I love taking classes; I always learn something new and leave feeling so re-energized. Your water lily looks great. Congrats on adding a new skill to your toolbox, and thanks for sharing on Main Crush Monday!

  7. Hi Donnalee, isn't it wonderful to take these classes and try new things. At the very least you can say "been there, done that" but with luck you learn something that you'll be able to use again. It's great that you're taking out your ink, pencils and fabric pens. It is so intimidating to first start without someone to help us. Your water lily is really pretty!