Tuesday, June 5, 2018


For a couple months now I have been making Dresden Plates and Geese for a quilt.  I needed 24 of each.  I'm down to the last production line of the 6 largest Dresden's.  Normally I made them somewhat one at a time, except for cutting out the blades.  These last six I started pretty much a production line.  
I just started sewing their tops together.  And ended up with this pile after a bit of time. 
They are chain pieced so at least I have each plate all on a string ready to go.  
Yes, the results.  No center yet or background.  I actually cut out all the matching centers and have them with their adhesive ready to go.  
I am using heavy weight Heat and Bond.  I do not want the centers to be all stiff and heavy so I only bond about a quarter of an inch around the edges.  The heavy weight really holds well so I can blanket stitch around the edges of the center, but they will be soft and pliable.  Plus I do cut out the backing fabric once they are sewn down to remove that extra layer of fabric.
And now one all ready pinned down to sew around the blades ends and put the center on.  
To add to my distractions this week my old studio TV decided to give it up.  Now I don't really watch TV when I am sewing, but a food/cooking or animal planet program are nice background noise.  I have a sewing machine on each side of this corner center so it in a perfect area to see while sewing.  It is a bit of a clutter sometimes in this area, but it works.  There is an attempt to keep me on track with my little chalkboard and a bulletin board with more information that anyone really needs.  I probably should do some reorganization in this area.  


  1. Yay for being down to the last few dresdens! That is a fantastic tip about the heavy weight heat and bond. Thank you; I will remember that!

    1. You are welcome. Normally I don't use heavy weight fusible products. I prefer Steam A Seam 2 Lite. I am answering blog comments now this way. For some reason I no longer get comments sent to my E-mail. I have done everything to figure it out with no success. It may be these new blog rules. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Easier to comment back by e-mail and more personal.

  2. so fun to see how your projects are coming along...

  3. That's a great set-up you have; too bad about the TV giving up the ghost; I've yet to get mine set up, but with a renovation in the near future, I'm still just making do with my iPad, and yeah who can properly watch TV while sewing? Love the Dresden plate blocks; I just did a couple of wedge projects myself within the past couple of months, lots of fun right?