Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I caught up just before Christmas on my Anthologie blocks and while there wasn't much sewing time I did manage to knock out the final 12th month blocks of my Fat Quarter Quilt Along.  
This last month was an easy construction.  The hard part now will be putting the 12 months of blocks together along with the printed red work blocks.  
These took such a small amount of time to put together I did manage to cut out the rest of my Cottage stars.  I now have the full 72 stars either completed or ready to start sewing them together.
The red color range.  Well there is that little odd print in there that seems to go with all of the colors.  However, a fat quarter was not enough to add to some of the blue or plum colors in the line.
A couple more plum to mix in with the reds.
And a few more blues.
There they are my half way through finished blocks.  The problem now is I am thinking of making this quilt larger than 81 by 72 inches.  There is not enough of this line left.  I have preordered Tilda's new line called Lemon Tree.  It is due to arrive in mid February.  Some of those prints will look really nice with Cottage.  Do I wait and add  38 more of the Lemon Tree blocks and make this quilt 90 by 99 and use it for a spring and summer quilt on our king size bed?