Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Most of my time this week I have been working on my Anthologie blocks.  I finally finished my second flying geese blocks, but I am still working on the appliqué blocks.  They are a bit tedious so I moved on to Block 4 to take a bit of a break.
So happy with the first block.  On to the next one.
The second one is done as well.  While the pattern calls for them to all be alike, I just had to play a bit with them.  
And the last one ready to sew together.  They went together so quickly.  However, I have pulled out so much fabric onto the floor from my stash that it will take way more time to fold it and put it away than it has taken to make up these blocks, and I still had one more project to deal with.

I have lots of Christmas wall hangings, quilts, and runners, but I found I needed a very small runner at the end of my kitchen counter.  Just 8 by 16 inches would do it.  My Christmas stash is very depleted, most of what I have is only one or two matching pieces that can be put together.  Several are really pretty, but would require me to purchase pieces to go with them.  This little guy did not present that problem and it had to be done fast.  
Just eight four inch squares finished.  
And it is done.  So one project finished and still lots of the Anthologie project to deal with.  


  1. Love your blocks, the colors are scrumptious! Your little table runner is also so sweet.. xx