Friday, May 26, 2017


I know by Friday we should have some finishes.  I have lots of in-betweens and now another start.  Yes some are almost done, but today I only have a start.  
When I scaled my job work schedule from first 5 days a week, then 4, then 3 and now finally 1 and well sometimes 2 I promised myself I would do two things.  One take more workshops.  My guild offers wonderful workshops at very low cost with a variety of really well know quilt teachers and lecturers.  Two I would join challenges that take place a couple times a year within my guild.  So a color challenge was thrown out on Tuesday night.  I drew February and the challenge is to do a color piece 22 inches wide by 18 inches long.  Yes, it is a landscape size.  I knew exactly what I  planned to do.  
 My idea, this from Carolyn Friedlander's book Savor Each Stitch.  The size has to be tweaked a bit, but it is perfect for my plan.  
So now to do some research on the gem and flower colors of February.  Then to dig in my stash, and a shopping trip. 
 I managed a couple pieces from my stash and then off to the store. The clerk graciously cut lots and lots of 1/8th yard strips.  Hmmmm, wonder if I will be welcomed there again, actually she was really nice about the stack of fabrics on the table.  

Violets and Amethyst, February's flower and gem come in a variety of lavender and purples.  The plan to have four rows of each color tone.  I am still in need of a couple more fabrics to complete the 6 pieces of each of the 4 rows.  I have until October to have it done.  So lots of time to appliqué all those tiny little blocks.  It may be a start rather than a finish but such a nice finish for me this week making the decision to go for it.  


  1. We gotta have starts or we will have no finishes, LOL

  2. Looks like a good start to me :) Liking the colors!

  3. I am hoping for a weekend finish--gotta put the machine in go gear

  4. I, too, have lots of starts! (and a finish once in awhile!). Your fabric choices for the challenge project are really pretty. Looks like you will enjoy working with them.

  5. Hi DonnaleeQ,
    I love all your fabrics. It will be fun to see this project as it continues. ~smile~

  6. Progress itself is a worthy acievement no matter how far along we are. Wonderful colors, so rich and jewel-like. Keep going on this project, it will be worth it.