Tuesday, May 16, 2017


On a recent trip to visit Brooke in Minnesota and have such a great time helping with some of her projects I discovered a major problem.  My iPad just does not work well for working on my blogs, answering e-mails and that sort of fun stuff.  She graciously allowed me to use her computer, but I knew something had to be done as my husband and I have taken to traveling a bit.  
Once home we took our selves down to the Apple Store.  Yes, I am a died hard Mac computer groupie ever since college days.  
So we came home with this little beauty.  An early Mothers' Day gift.  Nice little guy just 13 inches, I do not need a bigger one as I have a large desk top at home.  This is my traveling buddy.  
Now the problem is that it has a wireless mouse.  I can use the mouse pad, but the husband prefers a real mouse.  Plus it has cords to deal with in order to recharge it.  The case I purchased is not large enough to contain them.  
So I fished around in my stash and found these Amy Butler fabrics. Originally there were to be a large bag that for some reason I never go around to making.  Perfect for this new plan. 
 Lining with fusible batting.
A zippered pocket for inside the bag.  This as far as I have gotten.  Work will continue later today.  
We had our Mothers' Day celebration here in our home with two of my daughters that live locally.  We normally do not do a lot of gift exchanging for this holiday, but both girls lost one of their beloved pets in the last couple of weeks.  So some close friends that do some lovely art work on rocks were happy to help out with a special gift for each of them.  
Peanut my daughter Jaci's dog and Oscar my daughter Kendra's cat.
Both were so surprised and say they look just like them.   I hope you all out there had a wonderful Mothers' Day.  Not a complete project done yet so I am linking up with:


  1. Hi Donnalee - I'm a Mac fan too. I love not having to worry about viruses and such (like the one going around now for Windows people). I love the fabrics for your computer sleeve. I look forward to seeing it complete ~smile~

  2. Love the prints your using for the computer sleeve. Beautiful!

  3. wow, wow, wow!!!
    I wish I could work on your project with you - it looks amazing!!!
    Karen did an amazing job on the rocks too!!!

  4. The rocks are such thoughtful gifts for your daughters. And congrats on a new toy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Are you using a pattern for your laptop bag or are you just winging it? It looks great so far! I want to do something similar for my new 12" iPad Pro. It is too big for my purse, too small to warrant a whole laptop bag, yet I want handles so I don't drop it on pavement getting in and out of my car (not that I've done that to any of my PREVIOUS iPads... Cough, cough).

  6. What great gifts all around. Your computer bag is looking great. And how sweet to have memory 'rock pets' for your daughters. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Yay for a new netbook! Love the fabrics you chose to make your bag, I can't wait to see the finished product!! What special gifts to give your daughters. I am so sorry for their loss.