Friday, May 19, 2017


Some weeks it seems like very little gets done.  I find I am better at starts sometimes than finishes.  Two little completes did manage to get done though.
May's Fat Quarter Shop quilt along.  I normally make all six alike, but I had that one fabric on the right that only had enough to make one.  The stripe makes one a little dizzy, so only one.
The two center blocks are in the fabric I made the last four in.  So much easier than last month's block.  See my Featured Post for those awful little things.  I did finally manage to finish all six of them too.
 Finally I finished my laptop computer bag.  It now travels in style.  
I am linking up with at last a couple of finished items off my list of To Do's.


  1. Good Morning,
    I love your computer bag for your laptop - it certainly does travel in style. I also love the combo of red and white - one of my favorite. ~smile~

  2. oh my goodness!!!
    love your bag!!!

  3. Your back is awesome. I totally understand on the stripe block, I did one recently that made my eyes cross.

  4. Both projects are very nice. Love that computer bag!!!!