Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This past week I decided I needed to get in and really do some clean up in my quilt studio.  I dug through all sorts of things.  I ended up pulling a large zip lock bag with this little beauty in it out of the bottom of a bin under my cutting table.  All the fabric I might need to finish it including a back, and the pattern were in that bag.  

There were these additional appliqu├ęs all finished to just sew together and add to the sides of the quilt too.  

I pulled out this catalog cover from the bag.  Oh dear 1996!  Really this has been in my UFO's [Unfinished Objects] for 19 years.  Could that really be true.  Unfortunately I'm afraid it is.  The pattern was in that bag as well.  As you can see the quilt is patterned to be much bigger; the pattern size is 78 by 78 inches.  I do not intend to complete the quilt with the last diamond borders.  Those diamond borders might add another 19 years unto this project.  As it is now it would be about 56 inches square with just adding the side borders and I may add a simple border to all four sides to just finish it off, which will increase the size to about 64 inches square.

This truly is an in progress situation.  One that really should be finished.  So I am linking up with Lee at


  1. What a pretty find though. And just think how satisfying it will be to have it finished.

  2. looking forward to see what you decide....

  3. Congratulations on digging out those OLD UFOs. I'm sure I've got some just as old lurking about in a cupboard somewhere!