Friday, July 31, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I decided that my sewing studio had to be cleaned up and reorganized.  I ended up finding several projects almost completed just sitting in boxes.  This Block of the Month done with Amy Gibson was one of them.  All the blocks were finished just had to be sewn together.  
I can not, a mental block, do free motion quilting.  This leaves me with just curved or straight line quilting.  I decided to try to meander this quilt.  Because free motion is not in my ability, I resorted to using the serpentine stitch on my Bernina and just spinning the quilt around to make meandering patterns.  It is not perfect, I still have some problems with consistency and a few sharp turns, but it doesn't look too bad.  
The nice thing is while doing this I think I might just have broken through my mental block, and I may pop on my BSR [Bernina Stitch Regulator] foot and try practicing meandering with it.  
As this is another finished project at last I am linking up with


  1. Such a bright and cheery quilt! Well done on overcoming that mental block. You CAN fmq, i can do it and I'm just a novice quilter