Friday, September 28, 2018


Well this post should have been put up on the 21st, however we were in West Virginia and my lap locked me out of my blog. I could have fixed it but left my cell phone home and that was the contact for a code to get me back in.  Have to fix this problem so next time we travel it does not happen again.  Sometimes these electronic wonders are not so wonderful.  

Not sure what got into me the week before we left.  I have just started block #10  of my bird quilt and decided I needed to work on something a bit different along with it.  
So I pulled out a pattern set of 12 and decided to work in a different fabric all together.
I started out using a new method to me, Floriani Fusible with turned edges.  I worked with it a bit and found it was heavier than I like.  Supposedly it softens with washing, but I wasn't so sure.  So I scrapped that idea and went for the freezer paper method.  
 The freezer paper method was next, but was not sure I wanted to stick with that either.  Turned edges are a pain, at least for me. 
 So finally I reverted to my old standard and went with raw edge fusible.  It will go faster and this is not a project that I want to spend tons of time on.  
I love these fun leaves.
So block one is done and it is on to the next one.  However I still cannot figure out why I was not able to get every thing in on the background.  I ended up having to leave off a set of leaves.  They just did not fit in.  If it keeps happening I will just reduce the sizes of my backgrounds.  They are 20 inches, which I think is really bigger than needed anyway.  Decided I didn't really need them anyway I think it is fine without them.    
Looks like this is another project that requires digging into my scrap stash.


  1. wow!!
    so stunning!!
    sometimes it is just best to stick to what we know!
    glad you are home safe and sound!

  2. Beautiful--what do you use as a fusible--and do you machine stitch after? Turned edges are a thing of the past for me--my fingers won't do it looking to try fusing...I think the lightweight stuff would turn out better, too. beautiful block hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful work! I'm not an experienced appliquer ... I'd love to hear your thoughts on how raw edge applique with a fusible holds up in the wash.

  4. I enjoy seeing applique projects in the works.

  5. Hey, wow - no wonder you felt spurred to start on this new project. The new mix of fabrics is nice and cheery to spell you from the gorgeous peacefulness of the bird fabrics. I complete understand needing two different applique projects to switch between - that's normally how I have to operate. I'm not sure why, right now, I'm driven to do only the nutcrackers. This has been a first for me. I really do love both of your applique projects.

  6. Gorgeous fabrics on those flowers!! so pretty!

  7. This new block is so pretty. I love the colourful fabrics you have used. Sometimes it is a bit tricky finding the right applique method. How fun to have several applique projects on the go, keeps you from becoming bored.

  8. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.