Friday, April 27, 2018


I promised myself when I cut back my work schedule from three days a week to one and occasionally two per week that I would get more involved in my quilt guilds challenges.  Now by the end of May I am finally completely retiring.  So lots of extra time to get involved.
My guild has a family social and a challenge every year the first Tuesday in August.  This year the challenge is to make a 16 inch square mini quilt. 
Several years ago I made this little wall hanging.  It is too small to use in the challenge, but I liked at the idea.
 So I pulled some batiks out and stated a new vision.
Larger flower petals.  I have increased the pattern size to 200%.
And a nice layout of the pattern.
Once adhered I sewed around all the petals and leaves very close to the edges with closely matching thread colors.
And now for some out lining with 12wt threads on leaves.
And petals.  I do need a very small circle of gold fabric in the center of the petals and lots of thread work to make a fuzzy little center.  After that some quilting, probably straight lines diagonally in both directions on the off white background.  I do have a pretty patterned batiks to use for a small border or maybe a wider binding that will serve as border and binding.  Its not complete, but well on its way in plenty of time for the August event.


  1. Enjoy your is the best. You are well on the way to meeting the challenge.

  2. Enjoy your retirement! Pretty project for this challenge, happy quilting!

  3. Happy retirement! Your project is so very pretty!

  4. Enjoy your retirement. I really like that pretty flower.

  5. love your project!
    coming along nicely...

  6. A lovely project, nice in batiks. Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE' Oh and, enjoy your retirement!

  7. Beautiful colors and work. I looked at your Dresden blocks too, lovely.
    And yes, happy retirement.

  8. Happy retirement!! I love those colors!