Monday, February 26, 2018


We stopped in a small town traveling from Auckland, to Rotorua over the weekend and ran across all this local art.  
This tile sofa was really interesting, however I see a possible wall hanging idea for this one.
There were all sorts of decorative pieces around this town like this, but this one really catches the eye.  But I have another idea in mind as well.  In Auckland the first day we arrived in New Zealand we did a hop on hop off bus around the city and saw the sites.  We took this picture and I plan to reproduce it in fabric and it will be a wall hanging for my entry for sure.  
We won't be headed home until the 8th of March, but some fun ideas to think about when I do get home.


  1. Wow!! Pretty incredible tile mosaics!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rotorua is very interesting, hope you got to see some boiling mud pools, steaming cliffs and a geyser?

  3. I love city art pieces - that tile sofa is super cool!

  4. Wow! Aren't those creative! Love it when there is interesting art in public places.

  5. Wow, the tile sofa and that mural is just so unique and beautiful! I love finding inspiration in art like that! I wish you continued safe travels and so much fun!