Friday, February 16, 2018


My quilt guild does a quilt show every odd year in January.  So 2019 is fast approaching, as far as the planning and preparation  stages.  At a recent meeting we decided to do a boutique of hand made items to sell.  These have to be made by our guild members.  
I decided to make placemats.  
And here is my first one.  Now they have to be easy to make, so I can make a number of them, and I have to be able to teach other guild members how to make them as well.
To make four matching placemats I cut 4 strips of 9 different co-ordinating fabrics.  I used fat quarters so the strips are cut at 2.5 inches wide by approximately 20 inches long.  
 I cut a 22 by 16 inch piece of cotton batting and a back for the placemats the same size and spray basted them together.  
Then I proceeded to sew my strips down in the [quilt as you go] method.  Once all the 9 strips were sewn down I trimmed the placemat to 14 by 18.5 inches.  I bound it with 2.25 inch binding strips, and machine sewed the binding down by stitching in the ditch from the front.  If the binding is carefully pinned down evenly the binding comes out beautifully.
This is my next set of four ready to go.
Along with its back and binding.  
This sad little pup has just heard that hubby and I are headed to New Zealand for three weeks.  Our poodle refuses to even have her picture taken she's not happy.  The pup and house sitters are coming Sunday so they will have lots of human and friends company while we are gone.  They each bring their pups so there will be another Yorkie named Lilly and a handsome Multi/Pap named Trots to keep our girls happy.  I bring a laptop along with me everywhere, so you may get at least a few posts while we are gone of the sites in New Zealand.  Maybe they even have quilt stores there.


  1. I love your colour choices and fabrics for the place mats. I hate leaving our pooch behind when we go on holiday!

  2. Love the fabric you have picked out for the place mats.

  3. I would buy BOTH of those sets of placemats!! SEW pretty! Wishing you safe travels and a relaxing vacation.

  4. That does sound quick and easy, thank you for the instructions. I love the cheery colors. Have a great vacation.

  5. I love your placemats the colors are quite cheerful, have a wonderful time in New Zealand.

  6. Those are fun placemats - I bet they will be a popular item! Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  7. Of course we have quilt shops here in New Zealand! I'm interested in hearing about your trip - what parts of the country are you traveling to, and are you on a tour or self driving? I'm sure you will have a great time, there is some gorgeous scenery here.

  8. I love both placemats! Have a wonderful trip!