Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Last year from January through December 2017 I participated in a Block of the Month with the Fat Quarter Shop.  Each month we made 6 blocks in a particular pattern.  I chose to do mine all in red and white.  So I ended up with 72 blocks that were 5.5 inches unfinished.
This past week or so I decided to at least begin thinking about getting them together into a quilt top.  Earlier in that thought process I also decided to incorporate some printed red work blocks that had been hanging around in my stash for ages.

After much figuring I finally worked out how to get the 7.5 inch red work blocks into a row with the 5.5 blocks, complicated by the fact that the red work blocks will only be in every other row.  I also needed to get a lattice worked in between them as well.  Lots of graft paper drawing and crossing outs, but I finally got it figured out to my satisfaction.  
And here we are 4 rows done.  I have 10 rows in mind, but given the 48 inch width of the top I may end up only making 9 rows for the length.  Not sure if I will add borders yet.  I'm pretty pleased with it so far.  So, will just have to see where this goes to finish it off. 


  1. Love the red and white, and the red work!

  2. What a great choice of fabrics! You've really expanded "red" into a terrific collection. This will be a lovely quilt!

  3. oh gosh....6 blocks a month. I couldn't keep up with one block a month on the 2 BOM's that I took part in, so have chosen to not even try anymore.

  4. Quite the lovely devotion - 6 blocks a month! Looks fabulous in red and white!