Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Some time ago I purchased a fat quarter pack of Indy Folk by Pat Brovo.  I started the blocks and eventually finished enough of them to make a 46 by 54 inch throw quilt.  
I loved the blocks and got the 56 blocks done in record time.  However, once sewn together I just wasn't very crazy about them.  I put four rows together and stopped.  
They just weren't very exciting.  They were left hanging on the closet door for several months.  Over the weekend I decided I would work to finish at least one of my UFO's and this was my choice. I figured I'd finish the top up and donate it to my charity group. 
 So I added the last four rows and decided I really did like it after all.  In fact I know exactly where it will be used.  It is to become my new evening lap quilt.   
This beauty is my current  lap quilt for snuggling up in the evenings with our Yorkie.  It currently should be considered a rag not a quilt.  I have had it for many years and it came to me pretty worn and I have added to its demise.  Well over 15 years ago I was visiting a friend and my husband called me with the news that at a garage sale he had purchased me four antique quilts and a maple quilt stand for $10.00.  Oh goodness, I thought really what a prize!  It turned out that the stand was beautiful and three of the quilts were indeed antiques in fact one had 1929 embroidered on it.  They were absolutely in perfect condition.  Then there was this poor little worn baby quilt.  For some reason is just had some sort of charm about it and I have used it since as my evening lap quilt.  Now with many washings it is finally in its last days.  Well, our poodle doesn't think so, she still gets up in my chair every day and snuggles in it.  I guess it will be going into her dog bed, and the Yorkie and I get a new pretty lap quilt.


  1. Hi DonnaleeQ,
    I'm glad to see you have changed your mind about the Indy-Folk quilt. I understand that our tastes change and all that, but really - I love those fabrics! You and your Yorkie deserve a new lap quilt I would say. I'm also glad that your poodle thinks it is worthy of her. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. love, love your project!
    I just may have to make one...sometime tell me how you constructed your blocks.

  3. Fun, happy fabrics! A beautiful quilt for many snuggles! :-)

  4. funny how that works ... we don't like it but as it approaches completion we change our minds ... i found this with running i always thought i would die but some where around the half way point i got stronger and started to enjoy the journey ...i find i am the same way in quilting so i try not to panic when not liking something

  5. That is a lovely new lap quilt in the making and such a nice story about a well loved quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You've made yourself a nice replacement! And the Yorkie wins too by getting the old one - now everyone is happy! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers!

  7. Lovely stories. I can't believe you got those antique quilts for that price! What a find/gift from your yard sale friend!

    I love your quilt and am glad you decided you loved it and found a use for it.

  8. I just love those Pat Bravo fabrics! I really love the warmth in the colors, and it all blends together so beautifully. I am glad you finished it and love it now! What a great antique find too! I'm always on the lookout for finding antique quilts at thrift shops/garage sales. No luck yet, but there are many more shops/sales to visit!