Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Scrap Projects

Last year, 2012, sounds like a long time ago doesn't it?  I purchased this Sunday Morning Quilts book at the suggestion of my VBF Brooke.  I fell in love with several of the patterns in it.  It is a wonderful book on how to use all those left over scraps we all have taking up space in our studios, but we just can't seem to throw or give them away.  I actually started two quilts out of the book.  One really is scrappy (pictures of that next time), and well this one is not.  It is all the same line by Free Spirt called Boho by Annette Tatum of Westminster Fabrics.  This quilt is going to be huge, 100 inches by 100 inches.  That's right 100 blocks each 10 inches finished!  All my blocks are complete and it is almost half sewn together now.  It might be time for you to consider a resolution to do something with all those  leftover fabrics.  

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