Monday, April 11, 2022


A day late getting back to my blog, but back to a normal life as well.  The quilt show is over and it was a roaring success.  
The Opportunity Quilt raffle at the end of the very busy Saturday and Sunday show.  Someone won this beautiful quilt.
This is just half of our boutique.  There was a great variety of runners, quilts, and other hand made items for sale.  Guild members over the last couple years contributed to over 100 table runners and numerous other quilted items.
The basket raffle was a huge success.  There were 39 baskets with all sorts of handmade items.  The gift card tree basket overflowed with raffle tickets.
Alex Anderson was our featured guest along with her husband representing The Quilt Show and Alex also has been doing online quilt shows by Facebook and U-tube three times a week.  
This is my current project that Alex Anderson is offering.  I started this project with her on Monday the 4th of this month.  
I was able to get my little 4 patch pieces complete all 64 of them before the craziness of the quilt show engaphed me.
Now on to this weeks 64 half square triangles that will be joined with all those little 4 patches.  Alex will be giving instructions on these this Monday the 11th. 
Life truly is going to be back to normal.  The landscape project also is over.  That green lawn is artificial turf.  No watering required.  Maintenance for the most part free.  Just have to blow the leaves off the rocks and lawn now and again.  This is the front yard of our home. 
And the side yard done as well.  In another week we will be able to park the cars on the driveway again.  I can breathe again now and get back to a nice steady pace and a lot more time in the sewing room.




  1. I'm happy to see you back to a normal life! This quilt show looks wonderful, and wow! to have Alex Anderson as a guest! Well done with your new driveway and garden, they both look neat.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  2. Your quilt show looks like it was really fun. How exciting to have Alex Anderson there! Your landscaping looks terrific, and I like that little touch of artificial turf.

  3. Glad your quilt show was a success--so much work goes into them! Love Alex Anderson. Your piecing looks great. I'd love to replace our lawn with artificial grass but don't know that hubby will ever agree.

  4. You're so very talented.

    Love your landscape. Beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. We haven't any lawn on the front and I would like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the raffle quilt!!! And Alex was your featured guest--wow!!!

  7. Looks like a great quilt show. Congrats to back to normal. The landscaping is great!

  8. Glad the quilt show was a success. So many nice baskets. It's nice when things get back to normal.

  9. So pleased the quilt show was a great success, but the, of course it would be. I love all those cute little raffle baskets lined up, ready to be taken home by the lucky winners. How wonderful to have Alex Anderson as your guest! I used to watch her TV show religiously some years ago, and loved it. I think these days her show is on paid TV, is that correct?
    Your finished yard work looks great, easy maintenance is the way to go.

  10. Congrats on a successful quilt show, I know how much work goes into that! Love the new project with Alex Anderson, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  11. So glad the quilt show was a bit success. Even better the rennovations are almost all done. Hope you were able to get back to normal last week.

  12. Your quilt show looks like so much fun, great work! I love your yard and it really makes your front view look very attractive. I know you're relived it's over!
    Thank you for sharing your post with To Do Tuesday!

  13. What an exciting few weeks! Looks like your quilt show was a hit. Your new landscaping looks so easy care. Now you can really sew! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.