Monday, May 31, 2021


I have been eking out a bit here and there trying to accomplish getting some Spinning Spool blocks and also Confetti blocks done.  The spools have me less than thrilled with the project, but the Confetti blocks are fun to work with all the scrap fabrics I have all over the sewing room.  It looks like a bomb went off in there.

Spool wedges are under major construction.  This particular product I am using is Quilters Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite. 

I like the project because I was able to tape the wedge pattern on to a piece of paper then copy it on to the product.  Made things go really fast, rather than tracing them.

Then it was a simple task of folding over the edge with a bit of glue and the iron.  However, I am not a huge fan of the project.  It is rather stiff, and was hard to remove once sewn on to the spools.  They say it softens with water, but all in all it seemed like a lot of fussing.

Well I have 8 of the 20 done and this is the layout.  I actually am pretty happy with the background.  I did not want to buy any fabric for this project so finding 2 yards of a background was a bit of an issue, but this is pretty interesting.

This is what the project should look like in the end.  I think once the appliquéd flowers are on it using some of the fabrics in the spools it will be a fun finish. 

On a happier note I have managed these Confetti blocks.  Row one is done and these have me headed to rows two and three of the eight I will need in the end.  

This is a basket of cuteness.  Along with our daughter's chickens, ducks, and peacocks she has 5 cats.  These 3 found a nice cozy spot in the morning sun coming through the bedroom window.


  1. How ADORABLE are the 3 kitties sharing a bed!!! I love funny!

  2. Hi,
    Really like both the quilts your
    working on. So pretty! Have a
    great day!

  3. The confetti quilt is such fun. The spools are cool too, though they look to be a lot more work than the confetti blocks. Happy stitching this week.

  4. Oh, those cats look so comfy! I like your spools! So fun to look at the different fabrics. I came over from patcherymenagerie.

  5. You are so talented. Beautiful.

    Aw on the kitties. They do look most comfy. Made me smile.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. I always enjoy your handiwork each week. The kitties are truly adorable :)

    Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  7. I, too, am making the Spinning Spools and the fabric in the kit does need the stabilization. The fabrics you have chosen may not require as much support. It is all a learning opportunity and keepin' on keepin' on while we are on the covid train.

    Looks like you might be working on the Color My World as well. I'm using all my own fabrics so that is all a greater debate.

    The confetti blocks are fun too. I have to shake my head. If I started a 'confetti', it would slip cover my house!

  8. That scrappy Spools project is SEW super cute (as is that basket of kittens!!)

  9. The scrappy Spools are going to be so cute!!! and your confetti - still loving it!!

  10. I like the spools, but it sounds very time consuming. Your kitties are cute.

  11. Both projects are going very well, and looking pretty. And the cats are sweet in the sunny bed ;)
    Thank you for linking up today!

  12. I can see how the spools would be a little fussy. At least there aren't too many of them. Fun basket of Kitty cuteness!

  13. Your blocks for both quilts look great - nice way to use up some scraps.

  14. I really like the Spinning Spools project. I understand though that if the process is fussy, it's not fun. I think though that it'll look wonderful in the end. The Confetti blocks are so cool! Glad they are the exact opposite of fussy so you can get a break. Looking at those kitties is a great way to release any tension and laugh! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  15. Oh my! Your Spinning Spools project is indeed a lot of work - but wow! It's sure to be a beauty once finished! I'm so glad you shared a photo of the pattern! Those dots are fun! Your kitties look so cozy in their basket!